Just a few rules to live by when posting on the Star Wars Message Board:

01. Try to make your posts related to the subject of the board. This board is here to discuss Star Wars. Please try to keep posts on topic. If posts veer to far off topic threads will be deleted. People who repeatedly post off-topic discussion can and will be banned.

02. No obscenities, please Words and/or pictures postedon Comicboards and Tvshowboards are not to exceed a PG level at anytime. A simple rule to remember is that if it can’t appear in the Star Wars movies or other Star Wars media, it should not appear on these boards.

03. No insulting – Disagreeing and rational debate is fine. If debate turns to insults then deletions and bannings will occur.

04. No spam, please - A post that is purely spam will be deleted. Posters who consistently post spam will be banned.

05. Pick a name and stick with it - Do not use multiple posting names. Do not use a name that’s already being used by a regular poster.

06. Spoilers - . Never put spoilers in the subject line!!! Comics - Mark with spoiler tag for at least a month after its been released or until the next issue is released. TV Shows/Cartoons - Mark with Spoilers for at least a week after they've aired or until the next episode is released. BOOKS - Mark any series with Spoilers until that series has released its final book in paperback.

07. Upcoming Extreme Spoilers – Upcoming spoilers are considered anything that has not been seen by the general public. These must be labeled in the subject line as “Extreme Spoilers”. Never put the spoilers in the subject line itself!

08. Delete unnecessary text – When replying to someone’s post please delete out text that are not necessary and you have not replied to. It will make it easier to read for your fellow tvshowboard posters with less clutter.

09. Ignore the trolls – If a troll comes by just ignore him/her please. This board currently has 2 moderators. One of us will deal with the troll.

10. Follow the rules – These rules are simple to follow. Anyone incapable of following these rules will be banned from this board. Rule breaking can result in anything from a warning to a permanent ban from the site depending on the level of the offense.

11. Questions? – Email the moderators