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Subj: Thoughts on Tuesday's premiere episode
Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 at 05:24:10 pm EDT (Viewed 116 times)
Reply Subj: Chucky - Premieres Tonight at 10/9C on SyFy and USA Network
Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 at 05:37:28 pm EDT (Viewed 119 times)

Not bad! I really feel bad for Jake Wheeler, who's this troubled teen who is making a doll-sculpture art piece in his room, which his abusive drunk father (mom died some time before the show) being rude to his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew (who hates Jake) when they come over for dinner, then later using a bat to destroy Jake's sculpture. Jake got a Chucky doll, a regular one without the face scars (another mind-clone, like in Cult of Chucky, gotta be, with the real Chucky head still at Andy's place, with needles in it and chunks missing, as shown in Cult) at the start at a yard sale for $10, and was going to take Chucky's head off for the last part of the sculpture, but it wouldn't budge, but after his dad destroyed it, he looked up online and found the toy was actually worth A LOT more than he thought. He set it up to be sold online, to be able to use the money to buy more doll-parts to rebuild the sculpture, I'm guessing.

Jake took it to school and gave it to his science teacher for safe keeping in the class locker, as it wouldn't fit in his locker after class. She puts in on a nearby table as she talks to this rich, spoiled cruel girl named Lexy, after class for being cruel to Jake in class earlier. She puts on how she'll have the school sued, and that her mom and the some other school higher-up employee are good friends, or something like that, expressing how she can't do anything to her. The teacher leaves to get another, for Lexy to say to her what she said to the teacher. When she's alone, Chucky slides off the table, and stands in front of the door, Lexy freaking out when she notices it was in one place, and now another for no reason. The teacher came in with the other teacher, but Lexy just ran out of the classroom, claiming she must have been smoking too much weed before school. Chucky was put in the classroom cabinet by the teacher.

Jake got a call later at home from someone after he posted online selling the doll, who asked him if it called itself "Chucky", and if anything weird had been happening, and to check the back if there are any batteries. The voice sounded like Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). Jake sees the toy is back in his room somehow (I think that's what happened), checked and found no batteries, panicked, then threw the Chucky doll in the trash. ​

Later, there was a school play/presentation, that Jake attended. It was hosted by Lexy onstage, who said some rude stuff about some students in the audience, putting the spotlight on them, then soon we hear Chucky's voice say "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Everyone looks around to see who said it. Jake turns around slowly to see the Chucky doll sitting behind him. He picks him up, he whispers to him, and they both go on stage and do a fake ventriloquist act, much to Lexy's dislike, as I guess it's "her show". This was, by far, the BEST part of the whole episode! Chucky got off some good lines, especially at Lexy's expense, using her cell phone which he stole from her in the science class room before, and talked about what private stuff was on it, making everyone laugh, which she totally deserved and I was glad to see happen. She approached the two angrily, but Chucky turned his head to her and gave her an angry "BOO!", which startled her back. That was the best part of it. She was humiliated, and walked fast off-stage. Chucky made some other person comments, one about Jake's Aunt Bree who's in the audience, about having a secret, but didn't say more. Jake was soon pulled off stage with Chucky doing some last cussing goodbyes to the audience, which the audience (maybe not Aunt Bree or others Chucky may have commented on, can't remember who else) laughed, and had been laughing the whole time.

We see Jake back at home, his dad again drunk and commenting on how his act got him suspended from school. Jake goes to his room, then there's a black-out. Jake's dad goes to the basement trying to fix the light-control-switches, with some sparking cords on the ground near his feet, when Chucky arrives and immediately throws up in a spray-like form onto the ground around the dad's feet and sparking cords, causing him to get slowly fried to death. Jake walks slowly towards the noise from his room and onto the scene in the basement with the lights going in and out, and when the lights come on and off a bit, Chucky's still form moves closer to Jake. Later, the police arrive, counseling Jake, and wanted to know how the doll got out of the science teacher's locker class-locker to the in his possession earlier. He gives a lie, a more rational explanation, about how "took the doll back to do his act". He's then moved in with his aunt and uncle's large and expensive house, with his cousin shown watching and not liking it. After Jake is shown his room by Aunt Bree and she leaves, Chucky comes alive, and explains how he killed his Dad, as well as the cat (which had growled at him since near the start, after sniffing him a bunch). There was other stuff after that at the ending, like Chucky asking Jake to join him, or something like that.

And I'm sorry if I got anything wrong or out of order or left anything out, I've been pretty busy lately.

What're everyone else's thoughts?

- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

Online news article sample (from one of many):
After playing Evil Dead franchise hero Ash Williams on screen for around forty years, spanning three feature films and three seasons of the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell formally retired from the role, saying he’s not physically able to handle the action sequences any longer. But he is playing Ash again by delivering a vocal performance for the Evil Dead video game that’s going to be released next year – and while talking to OK Magazine he confirmed that he would also be willing to provide Ash’s voice if there were ever to be an animated Evil Dead series.

OK Magazine caught up with Campbell during the LA Comic Con earlier this month, and here’s what they had to say about the possibility of some animated Evil Dead:

"When asked if he would be interested in making an Evil Dead animated television series to alleviate the stress of fight scenes and stunts, the answer is a resounding yes. “I can do the voice,” he teases. Time for fans to cross their fingers and hope!"

So clearly there aren’t any plans for an Evil Dead animated series at this time, but if Campbell is interested in the idea he could make it happen; he holds the rights to the franchise, along with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen talk about animated additions to the Evil Dead franchise. About fifteen years ago, I saw a lot of fans hoping the story to the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie that the Evil Dead crew put the kibosh on would receive an animated adaptation. (The story did end up being told in the pages of a comic book.) There is such a hunger to get as much Ash as we can get while Bruce Campbell is still in this world, I can definitely see fans supporting the idea of an animated series. If we can’t get live action Ash, many of us would gladly take video game Ash and animated Ash in his place.

Help make an "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" Continuation by Comic, Novel, Cartoon or Video Game:
Starz cancelled the show, and Bruce Campbell has retired as live-action Ash, but news is that they might do a cartoon continuation of the show, with him as the voice of Ash!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Continued as Comic, Novel, Cartoon, or Video Game Group

Sliders Reboot Confirmed!"

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