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Subj: Re: Episode 4
Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 at 12:54:05 pm EDT (Viewed 199 times)
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I thought it was pretty dire and rushed.

Resolution for the Wildings and Ghost as they head back beyond the, uh wall ruins.

Gendry is legitimised, Arya leaves him and goes to King's Landing with Sandor to set up Clegane bowl.

Bronn pops up to the North, threatens to kill Tyrion and Jaime who offer him Highgarden just like that.

The Dorne apparently is now supporting Dany, but that is the extent of it. No appearance.

Rheager is killed in an extremly lame sequence. Missiandre is captured.

Various tiresome dialogue with Missiandre killed and Dany getting more mad queen' which has to be spelled out to us several times with Varys impying he will kill her. Sansa also wanting Jon to be the true King.

Jaime sleeping with Brienne and then leaving her. They were together for one episode, leaving her crying.

Ok, factually I have summarised what has happened. But seriously, the writing and pace is horrible. Dany gets ambushed, she goes all other the realms in one episode. Varysopenly tells Tyrion he is going to kill Dany and wants Jon on the throne. Sandor and Arya ride to King's Landing, Jaime rides seperately. No doubt everyone will arrive at the same time.

When Rheagor died, it was done with such little impact that I didn't care. Drogan and Dany run I mentioned befpre the pacing is horrible.

Next episode willbe the battle, with Dany turning mad queen presumably, which will be the twist.

Also, such an unsubtle writing move over Tyrion. Cersei has told Euron that he has got her pregnant. Tyrion annouces in the parley that she is pregnant. Euron isn't that stupid to realise Tyrion must have known she was pregnant, before he slept with her. If Cersei had any brains she would kill Euron now. But, yeah, I suspect Tyrion has ultimately killed his sister here.

Edit - I would have MUCH prefered Rheagor to have been killed last week to be honest. It would have given last week's big battle much more significance, than just waste it away here. Euron could have still destroyed the other ship and endangered Drogan here. Unfortantly, now that Euron has heard Cersei tricked him, I suspect he will kill her (due to the little brother's speech) and he will be the big bad now next episode.

I agree 100%, the pacing was horrible. More horrible still - after building up women to be a force to be reckoned with, this episode tears that all down, by:
1. Having Sansa say that rape and abuse made her a better person (what the actual f?).
2. Fridging Missandei - the only woman of color in the whole show - to advance a white woman's story.
3. Inevitably setting up Dany to go mad with power and burn them all.
4. Having Brienne jump into bed with Jamie and then weep because her man is going off to war. Both actions are VERY out of character for her.

Thank heavens we still have Arya as someone to look up to. Her refusal of Gendry (I'm glad she was shown to be flattered, at least) was completely in-character, and her "that's not me" refrain gave me hope we will see Nymeria next episode.

I haven't been a fan of the acting by Kit Harrington, but kudos to him for his husky-voiced eulogy of the fallen at the funeral for Winterfell. It actually choked me up.

Dany has a revelation at the feast of Winterfell that all of her accomplishments on Essos don't mean diddly to the citizens of Westeros. She hasn't earned the throne of Westeros but wants it anyway. That makes her a terrible candidate for power. In her scene with Jon she sounds desperate to have him hide the truth. And in his simple, chowder-headed way, he cannot tell a lie when he's with his siblings, letting the genie out of the bottle.

I liked that Sansa spilled the beans to Tyrion. She really never was Ned Stark's daughter in terms of his naive commitment to honor. She "learned a great deal" from Cersei and Littlefinger and didn't even think twice about breaking her word to Jon when it suited her.

I liked that Gendry got his due, but this was NOT a clever move by Dany. She just legitimized her usurper's son and gave him a legitimate claim to the throne. Not that I think it will come into play with just two episodes left - but still. She's actually a terrible leader.

We are meant to think Cersei is a monster for executing a captive, and therefore Dany is justified. But let's not forget that Dany recently executed her prisoners, the Tarlys, in a way that was perhaps even more cruel and horrifying. Remind me why Tyrion is so adamant that Dany should be defended? Varys was making much more sense in his conversation with Tyrion. Dany is a monster too.

And yes - that weird disposal of Rhaegal. Apparently Euron's crossbows can shoot around a corner, across a few kilometers, and hit a moving target with 100% accuracy on the first try. Terrible pacing after spending most of the episode watching people celebrate. Also, why didn't it occur to Dany to fly BEHIND the fleet and burn it to cinders? They couldn't wheel those crossbows around without shooting out their own masts.

It hadn't occurred to me that Euron would put two-and-two together about the baby. But your theory makes a lot of sense, especially since the "Previously on Game of Thrones" spent a lot of time focusing on Cersei's baby lies. I had interpreted Cersei's facial contortions during the parlay as Tyrion getting under her skin (which I thought was bad writing) but it makes sense that she was realizing that Tyrion was exposing her lies (without him even realizing it). Is this what the prophesy meant - that Tyrion inadvertently killed her with his words?

Lastly - the writer's mess that was that parlay. So much wrong here, including:
1. Cersei had the Dragon Queen and all of her braintrust within archer's range and didn't just finish them off?
2. Why exactly didn't Cersei have the archers finish Tyrion when she planned to finish Missandei anyway?
3. Did I miss the part when Qyburn made it back inside the gate? Why didn't Grey Worm kill him immediately after Missandei's death?
4. Why would Team Dany make this pointless risk in the first place? Just to win the hearts and minds of a public that wasn't there to see it anyway? Hasn't Dany learned that these parlays don't do a thing? Once Cersei was dead Dany could have told her public anything. History books are written by the victors.

"This is how democracy dies. With thunderous applause."
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