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Subj: Re: No sir, I didn't like it
Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 at 03:28:05 pm CDT (Viewed 154 times)
Reply Subj: No sir, I didn't like it
Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 at 11:47:52 am CDT (Viewed 197 times)

    1. How many times did we see characters like Brienne, Jamie, Podrick, Gendry, Tormund and Sam surrounded by impossible odds, being overwhelmed by enemies, only to have a scene cut and 10 mins later they weren't overwhelmed, but still fighting? Didn't Jon see Sam under a pile of they dead, but left him anyway to take his shot at the Night King? Somehow Sam of all people is still alive? This plot armor is ridiculous.

I agree that one or two more named characters should have died to emphasize the threat.

    3. Jon and Dany (and their dragons) were all but useless in this fight. They spent most of it lost in the clouds when they should have been barbecuing thousands of wights as a time. It didn't have to be this difficult.

They were barbecuing thousands of wights at a time. There were multiple shots of the dragons criss-crossing the field burning wights. I reckon they killed half the undead army, but I believe the army was 100,000 strong to start with, and that still leaves 50,000 wights.

    4. TERRIBLE PLAN to have the Dothraki charge the Army of the Dead.

Yes, it was, but do the Dothraki know any other way to fight? They're horse lords, they ride horses into battle.

    5. TERRIBLE PLAN to have so many living people outside the walls of the castle, just waiting to be turned into soldiers of the Night King.

On the other hand, Winterfell just isn't that big. The arriving army in episode 1 stretched to the horizon. Winterfell probably just flat out couldn't fit that many people.

    7. TERRIBLE PLAN to have Bran in an open courtyard rather than some more defend-able location, like a Great Hall.

That didn't make much sense, but I think it was a nod to Arya showing she could sneak up on Jon in the Godswood as foreshadowing that she could sneak up on the Night King.

    8. TERRIBLE PLAN on the Night King's part to not just roast Bran from above. He had plenty of opportunity, but did the B-villain move of trying to kill Bran personally.

Eh, this is a dark ages type setting. Presumably it's much more satisfying to kill your archenemy in person.

    10. TERRIBLE PLAN to not have a backup to the "let's roast the King with dragon fire," especially after Bran foretold that it may not work.

I assumed that the plan was that Theon and his men were ultimately supposed to kill the Night King if he got that far.

    11. Wait, Arya gave the dagger to Sansa but then killed the Night King with the same dagger?

Arya had given Sansa a dragonglass dagger, not her own Valyrian steel dagger.

    12. IS GHOST DEAD???

No, he's still alive as it turns out. He's in the previews for next week.

    13. How exactly did Arya get past hundreds of wights and White Walkers to get a shot at the Night King in the first place?

Quite likely, she had already placed herself into position before they got there. She figures out her destiny from Melisandre roughly 20 minutes earlier in the show, see her run off, and don't see her again until the end.

    14. That old trope of "kill the leader and the army collapses." UGH.

It can be annoying when not set up properly, but this was set up, and really, there was no other way around it. If the North had to win, how would you have done it?

    16. Missed opportunity to show that Jon has Targaryan fire-immunity (rising naked and unscathed from blue dragon fire would have been awesomeness).

That would have been interesting.

    16. Why did Melisandre kill herself? Wasn't that pointless? Even Davos would have let her live after all she did to save the living.

It wasn't explained but I'm guessing she was already ancient in age and she had used up the last of her power to help the North. The Lord of Light seems to require sacrifice for calling on his/its power.

    17. Now that we know that barely anyone died in this episode, re-watching the first two episodes of this season will make them look like a pointless waste.

Nah, seeing Brienne get knighted will never get old.

    18. What happened to Jon's dragon? It was so dark that this was unclear.

Rhaegal survived as can be seen in previews for next episode.

    19. After building him up from the very first scene of Episode 1, it turns out that the Night King is just a mini-boss.

I would say co-boss. I mean, ultimately which would have been more interesting, having Team Dany face off against Cersei first and then the Night King or Night King first and then Cersei? Clearly the latter is much more preferable from a drama perspective. Now Team Dany is weakened giving Cersei a chance. The reverse of Team Dany weakened after beating Cersei and having to face the White Walkers and still winning would be too much of a stretch. Most important of all, viewers are much more invested in Cersei as a character than they are with the mute Night King.

    20. Both Jon and Dany, built up to be awesome leaders with important parts to play in saving the world, did little or nothing to save the world. All they did was come up with TERRIBLE PLANS that they then failed to execute, at the cost of thousands of lives of their followers. Their surviving followers should be much less impressed with them going forward.

Jon and Dany have been thoroughly flawed leaders all along. A main theme of the show is about how difficult it is to lead. That said, Had Jon and Dany not created their alliance and not used their dragons to thin the ranks of the undead, Arya would never have gotten the chance to kill the NK.

    Things I did like:
    1. Melisandre was badass in this episode.
    2. Tyrion and Sansa were awesome together.
    3. Arya as the Princess Who Was Promised is something I hadn't considered. On second viewing of the entire show, her scenes will now have extra relevance.
    4. That shot of the dragons above the clouds.
    5. Unexpected death of Lyanna Mormont. But she was badass right to the end.
    6. Bran's final words to Theon and Theon's heroic charge.
    7. Sandor's fear of fire coming back into play.
    8. Explaining at last why the Lord of Light kept bringing back Beric.
    9. Cersei is more of a threat now that the Northern Army is decimated.
    10. Trying to think of a reason why Varys survived, perhaps he will be the one to kill Qyburn. Hound kills the Mountain. Tyrion (or Jamie) kills Cersei. Leaving two more episodes for Dany to go Mad Queen (probably ordering the death of Sansa & Jon for treason) and for the survivors to unite against her.

Yeah, that stuff was good.

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