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Subj: And you certainly didn't find it!
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    Cersei is a Lannister and as crown is also head of the family.

The King/Queen is technically the leader of all Houses, but only because the actual figureheads recognize their authority. How did Robert's Rebellion even come to pass if the Crown has such authority over the grunts of each House? And as for being a Lannister, were Tywin still alive, would Cersei or Tywin lead the Lannisters? What if Kevan was King somehow, would House Lannister be under his command or Tywin's (and, later, his heir's)?

    No way, random Lannisters will commit treason. The only reason some followed Renly, is because he was directly saying he was the King. Jaime doesn't even want to do that. Nor, do Ithink he would actually ask for troops to commit treason. He just wants to go there because it's the right thing for him.

Renly had the support of the Tyrells, not like individual soldiers chose him of their own free will. So let's focus on the actual guy the officers and soldiers are under the command of, shall we?

Just say you're Jaime and you've seen the undead and believe that their threat is real to the point that you're willing to defy Cersei and risk your life in war against them. You then concern yourself with "ask for troops to commit treason"? Really?! So the fate of the world of the living weighs less on your conscience than getting people on Cersei's bad side, huh? But you're gonna go anyway because you think yourself awesome enough to have the impact of an army single-handed \(zorro\) !

    He also banked, she wouldn't kill him. Random bannermen would not risk it.

    One man is forgivable, several Houses leaving the Crown is not.

First of all, I am talking about the core Lannister force, no one else. But here would also be a good time to point out that Cersei assumed the position of Queen purely because she had Jaime and the Lannister army behind her. Were they to defy her, she currently has no force capable of stopping them.

Guy, just stop trying to find excuses to explain a moronic turn of events. If Jaime does not even try to get an army to the front, no way around it, it's just more bad writing we have to live with...

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