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Subj: Re: What exactly is the ideal climactic scenario for you?
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 at 03:24:15 pm EDT (Viewed 89 times)
Reply Subj: What exactly is the ideal climactic scenario for you?
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I believe it is no secret that episode 3 will be the siege of Winterfell, with what the show guys describe as the "biggest battle sequence on film", "longer than Helm's Deep", etc.

That probably leads to one of the following:

-The Night King utterly defeats the North, then proceeds south and easily defeats Cersei's forces (or is maybe easily defeated by her, 'cause don't you know, she employs the Golden Company, secretly led by the bastard Aegon, who's actually Azor Ahai \(zorro\) !). Unlikely, but actually not a bad scenario for me, as we can even get undead Hound vs zombie Mountain, along with all the other heroes the masses wanna see throw down with Cersei (not-dead-fake-Aegon-true-Azor-Ahai vs undead-true-Aegon-fake-Prince-That-Was-Promised, anyone? No? Okay...).

-North utterly defeats the White Walkers, then their remnants get into a lesser conflict with Cersei. I fear this is one of the likeliest scenarios, but it would cheapen the threat of the Walkers for me (and the show as a whole, as such). Building the menace of dem undeadies since day 1 to just dispatch of them when they make their first real move and then return to the same old soap squabbles?

-North is defeated, but they manage some sort of retreat, so the final battle is King's Landing or some other place where Cersei has no choice but to join them (like, her forces coulda been out to meet them on the way down, but the infighting halts as the NK catches up). It might seem improbable, given that we know the biggest fight will be in episode 3, but maybe the point of that fight was to show that no force of arms can keep dem deads dead, so it's kinda like the end of LOTR, where all remaining forces go into a hopeless battle that diverts from a more strategic attempt directed at the NK himself.

-The North prevails, but the NK is not vanquished and resurfaces below their lines, forcing them to march down as well. Could be interesting, but mostly if da King ends up with an undead Queen army, which I do not think particularly probable...

What say you?

Drax the Legend, Captain of the Fist, The Starwalker, The Jade Slayer

Most reports say that the White Walker issues will be resolved by episode 3.

I suspect a lot of twists and turns in episode 3 but no Bran, no Dragons and a heavily injured pregnant Dany. Cersei is enlisting the Golden Company to finish off the injured North. Bran as he dies has a vision that Cersei will look to kill the baby and burn the North to the ground. Jaime somehow delivers the killing strike and redeems himself. However by episodes end. Jaime is dead. Bran is dead. The dragons are dead. Dany is near death and pregnant. Varys dies, Melisandra dies.

The North counter attack with allies from the Iron Islands, Riverlands and the Vale withback up from Castle Black, the Wildings, the Dothraki and the Unsullied . Episode 4 is a rallying call to all the allies. Bronn swaps sides. Gendry is legitimised by Jon to rule Storms End. Sam is made Warden of the South. In short, every sort of card is used up destroying the Night King.

Episode 5 is a massive battle in Kings Landing against the Golden Comoany. Cleganeball happens. Arya and Sandor defeat the Mountain, with both Cleganes dying.

Arya kills Cersei as disguised by Jaime. Jon somehow dies in the fighting as his luck runs out, possibly by Qyburn. He dies, with Arya comforting him. Theon kills his uncle and dies himself, with his Yaya ruling the Iron Islands.

Bronn goes to Dorne to settle down. Tyrion and Sansa unite thier houses after some teasing with her and Gendry. Dany dies in childbirth but lives to see her baby daughter born. She will be raised by Tyrion and Sansa. Greyworm becomes the Commander of the remaining armies, Brienne is Lord Commander, possibly with Podrick if he survives and maybe Sandor if he actually does survive too.

Arya leaves to explore one of the other continents, maybe Sothoryos.

The last scene is Samwell Tarly working on a manuscript. As the camera looks down, the viewer reads the title which states 'the Chronicles of Narnia'.

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