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Subj: Re: Book of Boba Fett S1 Ep 7 Season finale
Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 at 12:55:53 am EST (Viewed 75 times)
Reply Subj: Book of Boba Fett S1 Ep 7 Season finale
Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2022 at 07:56:08 pm EST (Viewed 108 times)

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No official word yet that there will be a season 2 but I don't see why not.

Boba Fett and the Syndicate prep for war.

At the mechanic's place, an X-wing lands. Artoo is in the astromech socket......but GROGU is in the pilot seat! No Luke????

Also she can understand Artoo with a translator. She learns from Artoo GRogu's name and we see Grogu is wearing the chainmail armor. Artoo inquires about where Mando is and appears to be in a hurry.

Cad approaches Boba to negotiate for the Syndicate. Boba states he will only negotiate with the head of the Syndicate and Cad confirms the Syndicate wiped out the Tusken tribe. Also that the people of Freetown aren't coming.

Fennec counsels Boba to wait, and Cad leaves.

Boba gets distress calls that his forces are under attack from the locals, including the bikers and his new wookie and Gamorrean guards.

Fennec saves the bikers. Gamorreans are sent off a cliff and it doesn't look good as the wookie is overwhelmed by Trandoshans.

Mando assures Boba that he will not leave him, Boba is glad but thinks the Creed is "bantha fodder".

Boba sends out the Mayor's aide to "negotiate" and after hearing Boba's lack of terms the Syndicate find themselves under attack by Boba and Mando!

In terms of durability Boba's suit is equal of Mando's. But enough laser hits start wearing them down a bit when Freetown's people arrive....without the Marshal.

The biker's return to aid Boba and the wookie returns! He takes a lot of laser hits and Boba and Mando go get him to cover.

Two attack droids arrive and their forcefields are enough to stop lasers an Boba's missile. Also their red eyes look a lot like Hal 9000's

Even the darksaber is repelled by the field.

The mechanic arrives and Mando hitches a ride with her. Grogu pops up and hugs Mando! They are about to get killed when Boba returns with his RANCOR! He's riding it similar to the beast he rode in the holiday special!

Rancor weakens the forcefield, Mando breaches in and slices up the droid with the darksaber. Rancor takes a bad hit, and Grogu steps in and damages the droid via the Force. Rancor then finishes the droid.

Freetown and the bikes make their stand and the rancor with Boba shows up to smash the droid. Syndicate soldiers are taken down and the rancor gets a snack..... then Cad Bane shows up.

Bane drives off the rancor with his own flame thrower and Boba faces Cad.

Cad is faster then Boba and is ready to kill him, but Boba rallies and uses his tusken staff to end Cad Bane, or I should say that Cad appears to be dead......he isn't seen later in the episode but he may be too good a foe to kill off. We'll see.

Mando tries to stop the out of control Rancor but instead its Grogu that does the need but lulling it to sleep with the Force!

In a cute moment we see Grogu walk up to the sleeping Rancor and fall asleep next to it.

Fennec is then shown taking down the local crime bosses and the Pyke Syndicate boss

Aftermath: Boba and Fennec walk the town and the people are bowing to him as they walk. Up in space, Mando is in his naboo starfighter, and Yoda is in the droid socket and begs Mando to hit the afterburners....Mando agrees and they rocket away.

Bonus scene in the credits!!! In the same bacta tank that Boba uses is the Marshal and the same doctor that fixed up Fennec is preparing to get to work! So Boba is ensuring that the Marshal survives!

So I was right that this episode would make up for the lack of Boba in the previous two.

An excellent season finale, and I hope we get another season.

Boba and Mando definitely are friends at this time, and Boba respects Mando's dedication to the Creed even if he doesn't share it.

Their armors are equal in terms of durability and have similar weaponry with a few differences.

I still think in the future that Mando will have to fight Boba.

Artoo and Luke's X-wing do not assist in the battle. It seems that Artoo was tasked by Luke to bring Grogu to Tatooine as Luke likely senses that is where Mando is. So Grogu has made his choice to stay with Mando and wears the beskar chainmail.

However things I have read elsewhere online indicate that the writes and Favreau are planning to integrate things from the legends novels including Luke's decision in those books to allow the Jedi to find love and attachment. So Grogu could still become a Jedi and also Grogu is still a kid and could change his path.

Mando season 3 appears to be set to start this December.

Obi Wan's series is reported at this time as starting in May.

Among the other rumors is that we might, just might have Mara Jade brought in as part of the Legends novel elements that they want to add. So far as I know Mara has not yet been restored in the new Disney continuity.

No official word if we get Book of Boba Season 2, yet. I would be disappointed if we didn't. However Boba could appear in Mando season 3 and other series.

Mando doesn't seem to have any problems with Boba as a crime boss. We'll see how long that lasts. But Boba does have his own code of honor even if it isn't the Mando creed.

Also the mechanic does make a meta/real world call out regarding Grogu's name

I enjoyed the show. The 2 Mando episodes were fine Star Wars they just didn't really belong in the BF series, IMO. Anyone watching Mando S3 that hasn't seen BF will be lost but I guess they just can't do that, they have to watch it all. I suppose that's the plan.

The final episode paid off everything they'd built up so it was good. I was worried for a minute that Boba would only survive Bane with help and he's been helped enough. I'm glad he sorted it out on his own or we'd all start losing faith in him.

I had guessed that Cobb Vanth would survive and I'm guessing Bane will too, his wound was less than Vanth's.

Ready for Mando S3.

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