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Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 at 11:24:24 pm CST (Viewed 724 times)
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      I seem to recall the Falcon being in systems failing danger and Luke sitting on the sidelines while others tried to repair it. Rey fixed it by ripping out some cords.

    Yes, Rey fixed the Falcon. In the first movie, R2 did. Or Chewie.

Exactly. And were either Chewie or R2 Force adept? Were either moral compasses? No, that's my point. The aspects of capability were split between Leia, Luke, Han, Chewie and the rest. They made a whole as a team. Rey was the whole package.

Are you even reading what I post? I flat out said what she did had been done by others. But never did one character do it all.


      I seem to recall Luke having a real struggle the darkside whereas Rey just brushed it aside by closing her eyes and focusing.

    Second movie, not the first.

Yes, because thankfully JJ deviated a bit from a complete retelling of episode 4. But ducking the point by semantics doesn't win the argument.


      I seem to recall Luke needing to be rescued when he was a nobody on a desert planet. Rey did all the rescuing on Jakku.

    Finn helped Rey get off Jakku just as Obi-wan helped Luke.

Helped? A little bit, yes. But hardly the same. Luke was knocked unconscious and about to be killed by Sand People because of his naivety and recklessness. Rey beat the crap out of two dudes like a Ninja, put Finn on his ass, led Finn to the ship, then the other ship, then piloted him out of there. Was she helped? Maybe a bit. But Luke was flat out dead on his back if Obi didn't show up. I'm at a loss at how you can see this as a parallel.

Point to one instance where Rey's life was in danger and she had to rely on someone else to save her. Just one and I'll give you the argument.


      So, no, I don't accept the parallel you're trying to draw. I agree that everything she did had been done before, but never by one single character so adeptly. Rey rocked. Again, I liked her, liked her a lot. My concern is that as the hero of this new trilogy she won't have much mileage unless we see her struggle.

    TEHO You don't have to accept it, but it's glaringly obvious. Glad you *liked* Rey. I did as well. And I'm looking forward to what happens next. By all means, the writers should add depth and complexity to the character--as they did with Luke, Han and Leia. Just so they don't feel compelled to completely gut the character as they did with Padmé, who didn't even show up in the third movie.

Your need to marginalize my sentiment towards the character of Rey by putting it in quotes baffles me. I guess its some sort of attempt to bolster your floundering position.

Your points have been refuted. Your are beaten. Drop down a shaft and hope someone picks you up.

    *shrug* You're entitled to your opinion. I'm entitled to say, I think you're wrong and ignoring the obvious. \:D

Yeah, Debs we don't see eye to eye. Glad you enjoyed it.

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