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Subj: Re: it was a poor movie
Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 at 11:10:02 am CST (Viewed 1130 times)
Reply Subj: it was a poor movie
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I am not saying it was the greatest SWs movie either, but the romance argument is pretty week. One could use that as a critique of nearly every blockbuster movie ever.

Particularly if we are talking run time instead of in movie time, where there is more time to build relationships in the one hour of actual run time. Just saying.

I actually think the flick was better than the prequels but below the originals. It felt like Star Wars. The only one of the prequels that did that was RotS and that was very flawed too.

    My brother called me the night before, and was very animated about how bad the movie was, worst in the franchise.  Now having seen it, I can confidently say that the Phantom Menace is still the worst movie in the franchise.  The Force Awakens is only the second worst.  Some snappy dialogue and good acting from most of the principals is the only thing keeping this from being a disaster.  The movie lacks any originality, and is proof that Abrams isn't qualified to direct action movies.  He couldn't choreograph an action sequence to save his life.  No matter what Lucas' shortcomings were(and there were many), he knew how to stage a fight.  This movie lacked any kind of  WOW moment, that we would normally get in an action movie.  It has combat to be sure, but drab, pedestrian combat.  It reminds me a lot of the Terminator Genysis movie.  Not bad enough to be offensive, but not offering anything that would be memorable.

    The four heroes saved the movie.  Although I'm SICK of movies that are so desperate to inject a romantic angle, that they have to try and make the couple fall in love within an hour of meeting each other.  Man of Steel did that, and the Force Awakens does it too.  It is simply not believable that a man and woman would have some kind of deep emotional connection after having just met.  Beyond that, their banter and acting was all quite good.

    The villains are lacklustre.  Snoke is dull.  Dull in name(I mean really, did the writer's ten year old child come up with the name), and dull in appearance.  I could have lived with Kylo Ren being much like Anakin in the first trilogy, if Abrams had a clue what to do with him.  But, who didn't see Han's death coming on that bridge?  And idiotic was it for a completely untrained Finn and Rey to even have a prayer of sword-fighting with someone who WAS trained.  All of that could have been avoided had Abrams had Kylo actually revert back to his good self, and go with Han back to the ship, only then reverting to the dark side(which would have underlined his on-going struggle, and kept the audience guessing).  They could have had a battle there, with all four heroes fighting Kylo together, culminating in Han's death.  And Kylo retreating in disgust with himself, leaving us to wonder if he'll ever be completely Sith.  It would also not neuter him as a threat, which Abrams accomplished by having him lose a battle to a greenhorn.

    And, the plot stunk.  Would Abrams have us believe that the fragments of the Empire could construct such a mammoth weapon, with no one knowing, and the Republic apparently weak as a kitten?  The Empire wasn't in charge anymore.  They didn't have the resources they had when Palpatine was leader.  Then there's the Force.  It had achieved balance when Palpatine was killed.  Why would Luke be trying to recreate the Jedi?  Why would there be any Sith at all?  Why would the Force allow either?  Those questions may be answered at a later date, but without them, this first movie loses all purpose.  Because the only things we learned that moves the story forward, is that Kylo is Luke's nephew, Rey is almost certainly his daughter, Han and the Republic governments are gone.  And that's pretty much it.  It reminds me of how little was accomplished in the Phantom Menace.  Pretty sad.

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