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Subj: Re: The Force Awakens: The Good and the Bad (MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS! Don't read until you've seen the movie)
Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 at 01:48:35 pm CST (Viewed 1210 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Force Awakens: The Good and the Bad (MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS! Don't read until you've seen the movie)
Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 at 05:26:06 pm CST (Viewed 1211 times)


      Why did Kylo Ren go to the dark side? I guess Snoke is at least partly responsible, but without a reason, we don't know what motivates his character.

    Why did Vader go dark? I see your point and when the first SW came out they didn't know if there'd ever be a follow up. But my son's friend who never saw the originals liked it a lot even as a stand alone. He asked if there would be more movies so he wasn't tortured with too many questions. But his generation is more attuned to trilogies etc.

Vader in Episode IV is very different from Kylo Ren in Episode VII. We didn't know Vader's parentage then or his familial relationships to the other main characters so there was no reason to question his turn. Ren's parentage and his betrayal is crucial here to understanding the character.

    They made a major point to demonstrate how obscenly powerful Chewie's crossbow blaster was.. it took out 2 or 3 stormtroopers at a time and he clipped Kylo right in the side with it. They also focused on his agony from the bleeding wound when he confronted Fin and Rey. Add to that Rey's tie to the force is so strong she was already doing the mind whammy without training. She is going to be an incredibly powerful Jedi. If Kylo was at 100% though I doubt even she would have succeeded. Also The Supreme Leader wanted him to return to complete his training. Rumor is the Storm Trooper she manipulated was Daniel Craig.

That's funny. Point taken about Kylo Ren being injured. I keep forgetting that.

    LOL.. maybe THAT's why they say he has too much Vader in him. I expect now that he did the thing he feared he didn't have the strength to do he'll be more resolute.

Yes, we'll watch him turn more Vader-esque as the trilogy goes along, but I really, really hope they don't try to practically remake the other two films. I really don't want to see THE FIRST ORDER STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI II.

    She better get better facetime in the next episode. But she did get clocked by the most bad assed Wookie in the galaxy. No shame there.

That's fine, but she should have had at least 30 seconds "putting her over" against some Resistance folk or something.


      Domhnall Gleeson is too young and unimposing to be a General.

    He's gonna die soon. No worries ;\)



      Why do only Han and Chewie go with Finn to the Starkiller? Surely a dozen more Resistance fighters would drastically increase the probability of a successful mission.

    Stealth mission.. less is more?

I mean they're doing the same thing they did on the Endor moon and they brought a battalion of soldiers with them then.


      Why wouldn't Leia go see Luke at the end?

    She's got a rebellion to run.

But clearly everyone sees Luke as the key to winning so running the Resistance is only running in place. She is her brother. Instead they send a stranger! Unless Leia already knows that Rey is Luke's daughter, which would explain the super long hug with her niece.

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