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Subj: Re: Got "Star Trek: Picard" Season One on DVD for Christmas finished watching it
Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 at 07:31:13 am EST (Viewed 170 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Got "Star Trek: Picard" Season One on DVD for Christmas finished watching it
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    Spiner does feel that time has passed and that he cannot play Data any longer. Data in the computer has concluded that in order to truly be human he must experience permanent shutdown aka death.

But doesn't Picard ask him "do you want to die?" and Data says "no, I want to live, but I'd rather die than live in a simulation." So why isn't the better alternative for him to live in the real world in a new body just like the one they built for Picard?

    We did get the nostalgic bump of Picard and Data having an intellectual chat one more time like on the TNG series. Also the nostalgia of seeing Data one more time

Sure, it's nice to see Data and to see him chat with Picard again. But neither of them is complete because they never told each other that they loved each other? C'mon. Service men like these don't need to express that kind of feeling out loud to know it, they shared a common bond as part of Starfleet.

    Also the plot thread from Nemesis of Data copying himself into B4 was a loose end from Nemesis and this series at least gives Data a bit of a better send off.

In Nemesis he died to save his crew, that was a much better send off! Here we find out he's been on life support for 20 years and now we just come in and pull the plug. How sad, on so many levels.

Plus, the character of B4 would have been a new take on the Data character but he never got to do anything. I suppose he had some comic and novel adventures.


    However they could have EASILY built a new body with a NEW FACE and recast the role also. But I sense many TNG fans would be in uproar.

They could have built him a new body with a face based on AI Soong, the aged version of Brent Spiner, and simply had an age-appropriate Data.

Yep there are things they could and likely should have done.

But the TNG era is over, to me Picard is a last gasp and a last ditch effort to get some Trek interest going with familiar characters.

We can't use the TOS characters except for maybe Sulu, the fate of Uhura, Checkov and Sulu to my knowledge was never revealed in shows or movies, just novels which are not canon.

Nichell Nichols has health issues these days, not sure about Walter's health, Takei last I heard was doing well and does voice acting still.

Unless of course they decide to correct the error of killing Kirk. Berman and Braga sometime after Generations did say it was a mistake to kill him off and that he should have flown off into space to be a legend.

But much time has passed and unless an old foe of Kirk's is menacing the present there is no great need to bring him back.

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