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Subj: Re: Star Trek Discovery Season One
Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 at 04:40:42 pm EST (Viewed 235 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Star Trek Discovery Season One
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    I think Burnham totally overstepped her position here. She was first officer, not star fleet commander, and there is nothing in Star Fleet regulations that state "shoot first, ask questions later." Georgiou like most captains followed the rules there was no way she'd come round to Burnham's way of thinking especially as she knew Klingons killed Burnham's biological parents. So Burnham assaulted her captain and nearly put her shipmates in a very unenviable position.

You're right, Georgiou never would have come around to "shoot first."

    I think Burnham didn't do it right, Kirk once remarked to Spock in a TOS episode that Spock should teach him that, and Spock replied, "I have tried Captain, many times." I think an average Vulcan is about 3x stronger than an average human so... I doubt Burnham could give it enough power.

On TOS I always assumed it was an extension of the Vulcans' tactile-telepathy, not just strength or technique. But then Data did it ...

    Its a big might. T'kuvma wanted a war with the Federation to unite the Klingon Empire no matter what. So had they shot first, it could have had the opposite reaction and the war get under way nicely. Capturing T'kuvma was a better plan... and could have worked, but Burnham botched it up. Which is unusual as she's normally flawless...

Shooting first might not have prevented the war but it might not have made it any worse. It is surprising Burnham the Perfect didn't succeed in capturing T'Kuvma.

    Theoretically prime Lorca and Mirror Lorca traded places. So Prime Lorca MIGHT be alive in the Mirror universe. And Cornwall might be wrong.

I'm hoping we get him back in season 2.

    The whole spore drive thing... yeah... not one of my favourite things from Discovery. It doesn't make any sense that Star Fleet even in the pre captain Kirk era had a drive system that could put a Borg Transwarp conduit to shame... And then... was never seen again. The spore drive is a real finger to continuity.

Kind of like the Borg nanoprobes that could bring people back to life after they had been dead for several days, and then was never used again? Or the "magical super-blood" from Into Darkness? Or the Bird of Prey that can fire while cloaked from Undiscovered Country? Etc.

    Klingons were meant to look human during this time period due to what happened in Archers day with their attempts at making augments. The Klingon appearance is yet another finger to continuity.

Only a small percentage of Klingons were afflicted, which is why it wasn't a very good explanation for the change. Many Klingons in TOS would still look like traditional Klingons. And it doesn't make sense that Bashir, being an augment himself, would be unaware of this history.

I see the change on Discovery as similar to the change in Klingons during The Motion Picture. It's a dramatic convention. This is the way it's always been, and we're not going to talk about it. The new design is not very appealing, though.

    Oh it definitely is true. She is responsible. She killed their "Torchbearer", mutinied and tried to fire on a Klingon ship and while Sarek said that's what Vulcans did we can't be sure how the Klingons would have reacted here because they wanted a war, and then, Burnham killed their main target instead of capturing him, the guy who could have stopped the whole thing. It really is mostly Burnham's fault.

She tried to fire on the Klingons but failed to do so. She carried out, rather ineptly, Georgiou's original plan, to kill T'Kuvma. Does Georgiou get equal blame for starting the war? I guess Burnham has to carry it alone, since she's the one who survived.

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