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Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 at 02:04:08 pm EST (Viewed 284 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 at 05:36:39 pm EST (Viewed 302 times)

    The episode with the Romulan chameleon ship was the only good episode of the season.

You mean you didn't like the mirror universe story? I thought they did a pretty good job with that. And the Romulan infiltration of the Vulcan government was good too. In fact, there should have been a lot more of that story. The Romulans would always have been aware of Vulcan, having originated there. But, the Vulcans would not be aware of the Romulans being their own people. That could have been interesting. I didn't mind the augments, and the tie in to Klingon engineering as an explanation for how the Klingons looked in the original series. Missing from the entire series is more from the Rigellians. They were the first species to join the Federation after the original founders. Most of the time they're MIA.

    I guess I liked TNG more than you did. They had some great episodes. The business as usual the rest of the time was decent. I think having a focus on civilian lives and some soap opera was okay and gave it a variety from the action/adventure stuff. Picard, Data, Worf and Q were great. Crusher, Riker, Troi and La Forge were fine as supporting characters but when an episode focused on them it was usually less than stellar. I might have liked Pulaski better than Crusher. Ro might have been a decent addition if she hadn't been so one-note. Wesley didn't annoy me as much as he did most people, I guess, but I was fine with him leaving. They shouldn't have had kids aboard, even the characters question it.

It comes down to personal taste, with regards to the melodrama. I always disliked the way the original series focused on Kirk's romantic interests. I thought it distracted from the science fiction and social commentary vis-a-vis alien races. So, when they doubled down on the crew's personal lives in TNG, I found it infuriating. Maybe it would have been better if TNG had better characters. But, outside of Worf and Picard (and Ryker a little bit), I didn't really find the characters compelling. I hated the Crushers, Troi and LaForge. And Data, while tolerable, was just a re-hash of Spock. The twist being a being in search of more humanity, instead of less. They just reversed Spock, and made Data. If you don't like cheap gimmicks, then I can't see how you like Data. You're right about Polaski and Ro. They were both exellent. Too bad they weren't regulars (although Ro was offered the lead in DS9, and she refused).

    Bashir was a weak link for me. Sure, he had his moments but he was socially awkward and didn't do it as well as Data.

I liked Bashir, but didn't love his character. The writing for him was awkward at first, just as you say. He was better when they made him the show's moral conscious. They didn't really need to introduce the genetic engineering angle.

    Voyager was leftovers. The idea of two crews that hate each other that are forced to coexist on one ship could have been pretty good, but the premise is basically tossed after the pilot episode. This show is every bit as bad as TNG for having a luxury liner feel but it's even harder to swallow since the ship should be falling apart. When it got home in the final episode it should have fallen to pieces like the Bluesmobile. Kes should have had the most potential of any character on the show. For the writers to say they wrote her out because they couldn't come up with anything for her is really an admission that they just aren't good at their job. They also didn't know what to do with Neelix (or Kim, or Chakotay). The writers seemed to favor The Doctor and Seven, and you got the idea that they only featured Janeway because they had to. She's a good actor but they had her doing so many questionable things. The first 4 seasons were fairly solid, their biggest crime is just being TNG rehashed. I don't know what happened after that but last time I watched it seemed like when season 5 hit the show became much worse. Dumb gimmick episodes, overuse and defanging of the Borg, characters just acting dumb. The finale is so weak. More Borg. Excess time travel. And future Janeway goes back in time to save Seven so Chakotay can have a girlfriend, right? But doesn't go back further and save her entire crew?

The one major complaint about Voyager that I tend to agree with, is the Starfleet-Maquis angle not played out more. If they had, that would have made Chakotay more interesting (although I still liked him). He was a better actor than Ryker, but paled compared to Kira. With the Maquis angle, it would have moved his performance closer to that of Kira, and would have made him shine more. I don't mind that they focused on the Doctor and Seven. They were the best two characters. You could argue that they are rehashes of Data, but since Data is a rehash of Spock, then I don't see a problem. Plus, Spiner was a noticeably weaker actor than Picardo and Ryan. I thought the show took off after Seven joined. The first three seasons were weak, the last four were great. And the finale? I stand by it being better than TNG (which was soooo boring), and DS9 (which gave the appearance of the writers running out of time and having to cram way too much into the finale). Voyager used the Borg in the finale, because they were a fan favorite, and the Borg always had the technology for Voyager to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Janeway didn't time travel just so 'Chakotay could have a girlfriend.' She did it because she loved Seven like an adopted daughter. She also did it because her dear friend Tuvok was reduced to an invalid ( I found that scene particularly touching - but you have to like the characters to feel that way). She couldn't have time traveled to the beginning of her journey to save the entire crew, because they only encountered the Borg half way through, and let's face it, Janeway did it to save her 'daughter.' Maybe that motive is flawed, or maybe it's more human. That's debatable. But, it made for a great finale, better than all the rest.

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