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Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 at 08:43:47 am EST (Viewed 288 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 at 05:36:39 pm EST (Viewed 302 times)

    DS9 was great. Good cast and very large supporting cast, most of it great. Bashir was a weak link for me. Sure, he had his moments but he was socially awkward and didn't do it as well as Data. Then they reveal he's a hidden super-genius and suddenly he's almost as absurd a character as Wesley Crusher. Not as annoying but a little too good at everything. Rom going from bloodthirsty to lovable scamp was jarring but I liked the second iteration better. Ezri was never great either but not terrible. I liked that the Dominion War became a thread to hang a lot of stories on but they still had latitude to tell a lot of episodic stuff within that.

I hate to say it but finding out Bashir was genetically modified almost made him more bearable even though personality wise he became more obnoxious. The idea that he was such a perfect goody two shoes always seemed really annoying. Once we found out that he was genetically modified and had kept it secret I was like "so that's why he's so annoying". I appreciated Bashir once the secret was out...because by then we knew he had a dark secret and wasn't as perfect as he pretends to be.

    Voyager was leftovers. The idea of two crews that hate each other that are forced to coexist on one ship could have been pretty good, but the premise is basically tossed after the pilot episode. This show is every bit as bad as TNG for having a luxury liner feel but it's even harder to swallow since the ship should be falling apart. When it got home in the final episode it should have fallen to pieces like the Bluesmobile. Kes should have had the most potential of any character on the show. For the writers to say they wrote her out because they couldn't come up with anything for her is really an admission that they just aren't good at their job. They also didn't know what to do with Neelix (or Kim, or Chakotay). The writers seemed to favor The Doctor and Seven, and you got the idea that they only featured Janeway because they had to. She's a good actor but they had her doing so many questionable things. The first 4 seasons were fairly solid, their biggest crime is just being TNG rehashed. I don't know what happened after that but last time I watched it seemed like when season 5 hit the show became much worse. Dumb gimmick episodes, overuse and defanging of the Borg, characters just acting dumb. The finale is so weak. More Borg. Excess time travel. And future Janeway goes back in time to save Seven so Chakotay can have a girlfriend, right? But doesn't go back further and save her entire crew?

Voyager was awful. I can understand someone not liking TNG but to actually like Voyager more than TNG makes no sense to me. Voyager was lukewarm leftover TNG.

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