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Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
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Reply Subj: Re: Episodes that don't work...(Some bad and good ones from season 4 of DS9)...
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I suppose I could analyze the various episodes I didn't like, but that would be time consuming. I can tell you what I generally didn't like about the various Star Trek shows. The re-curring time travel episodes in Enterprise pretty much ruined the show. The writers couldn't seem to wrap their heads around the idea that they were doing a prequel. Not that I didn't like the Xindi storyline, but add that to the Suliban and the Na'Kuhl, and the idea just seemed to dominate the show. Only in the fourth season did they finally get around to telling some exciting stories that had to do with the time period. But, by then it was too late, the show lost so much of its audience. And it's a shame, because I was at a Q & A with Jeffrey Combs, and he said Shran was supposed to be added to the cast, and join the crew. That would've been fantastic.

In spite of the love that most people had for Next Generation, I thought it was the worst of the series. The cast was weak, and there was WAY too much attention paid to the personal lives of the crew. So many episodes were melodramatic, almost soap opera fare. What didn't work for me the most was the presence of families aboard a military/exploration vessel. And a kid at helm. I also didn't buy the whole retcon of Klingons being all about honor, and having some kind of warrior code. They've nothing more than a race of galactic thugs.

DS9 worked much better. Outstanding stories, in general. Plenty of excitement, great acting, great supporting cast. Just great. A couple things didn't work quite well for me about the show. I thought Sisko's role as emissary was a little convoluted. But, most of all, I didn't buy for one minute the idiotic passing of the mantle of Grand Nagus to an imbecile like Rom. It was obvious that some exec at CBS decided the Ferengi worked better as comic relief, so they should be incorporated into the Federation down the rode. But, the preoccupation with wealth, and the outright sexism made that impossible. So, this ham-fisted attempt at re-writing the raison d'etre of the Ferengi. Any race with a fixation on Rules of Acquisition would assasinate Rom first change they got. It was utterly preposterous.

Voyager....Neelix and Kess didn't work for me. Mercifully they got rid of her. I suppose it could be said that Voyager eluded the Borg a little too easy. I liked the show. The cast was much better than Next Generation. The writing was much better. And the finale was head and shoulders better than TNG and DS9.

Going forward, anything based on Abrams' Star Trek will never work for me. I watched the first two episodes of Discovery, and hated it with a passion. I'll never watch again. And the return of Picard? he's too old. And the 'destruction of the Romulan Empire' is even more absurd than the conversion of the Ferengi. One planet does not an empire make, even if it is the homeworld. The Romulan Empire is composed of hundreds of worlds. No way does it get destroyed by on super nova. Civil war? Sure. The loss of the homeworld would trigger every warring faction in the empire. That could be interesting. But not this refugee business that Picard is said to be involved in. That's a non-starter for me.

I'm not a fan of prequels either. Enterprise just seemed like a bad idea upon conception. You already had the problem that we have cell phones now that are as good as communicators in Kirk's time. How can you make technology that's more advanced than now but less advanced than TOS? Better to go further into the future. The story bible when I looked at it seemed promising, but the show went from the awe of discovery into TNG rehashed after a couple of episodes and remained that way for 2 seasons. Season 3's Xindi war was the highlight of the series. Season 4 was all fan service. How many references can we make? Let's explain the Klingon foreheads with Brent Spiner. Wait, let's not. Everything that was done for the first time on TOS let's say we actually did for the first time on Enterprise, like putting the Vulcan Jesus' karta into Archer. The episode with the Romulan chameleon ship was the only good episode of the season.

I guess I liked TNG more than you did. They had some great episodes. The business as usual the rest of the time was decent. I think having a focus on civilian lives and some soap opera was okay and gave it a variety from the action/adventure stuff. Picard, Data, Worf and Q were great. Crusher, Riker, Troi and La Forge were fine as supporting characters but when an episode focused on them it was usually less than stellar. I might have liked Pulaski better than Crusher. Ro might have been a decent addition if she hadn't been so one-note. Wesley didn't annoy me as much as he did most people, I guess, but I was fine with him leaving. They shouldn't have had kids aboard, even the characters question it.

DS9 was great. Good cast and very large supporting cast, most of it great. Bashir was a weak link for me. Sure, he had his moments but he was socially awkward and didn't do it as well as Data. Then they reveal he's a hidden super-genius and suddenly he's almost as absurd a character as Wesley Crusher. Not as annoying but a little too good at everything. Rom going from bloodthirsty to lovable scamp was jarring but I liked the second iteration better. Ezri was never great either but not terrible. I liked that the Dominion War became a thread to hang a lot of stories on but they still had latitude to tell a lot of episodic stuff within that.

Voyager was leftovers. The idea of two crews that hate each other that are forced to coexist on one ship could have been pretty good, but the premise is basically tossed after the pilot episode. This show is every bit as bad as TNG for having a luxury liner feel but it's even harder to swallow since the ship should be falling apart. When it got home in the final episode it should have fallen to pieces like the Bluesmobile. Kes should have had the most potential of any character on the show. For the writers to say they wrote her out because they couldn't come up with anything for her is really an admission that they just aren't good at their job. They also didn't know what to do with Neelix (or Kim, or Chakotay). The writers seemed to favor The Doctor and Seven, and you got the idea that they only featured Janeway because they had to. She's a good actor but they had her doing so many questionable things. The first 4 seasons were fairly solid, their biggest crime is just being TNG rehashed. I don't know what happened after that but last time I watched it seemed like when season 5 hit the show became much worse. Dumb gimmick episodes, overuse and defanging of the Borg, characters just acting dumb. The finale is so weak. More Borg. Excess time travel. And future Janeway goes back in time to save Seven so Chakotay can have a girlfriend, right? But doesn't go back further and save her entire crew?

When Discovery first aired I only saw the first free episode on CBS and it did not make me want to see more. It was pretty terrible. I'm finally watching season one now. The second episode was no better. It was a bad way to start the show. The third episode was actually much better and made me want to see more, and should have been the first episode. Everything that happened in the first two episodes was explained in dialogue in #3 anyway so we didn't need to see it. I'm 7 or 8 eps in now and it's very hit an miss. Not sure about this show.

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