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Subj: STD S02E03 - Point of Light
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Reply Subj: Anyone watch the season 2 premiere of Star Trek Discovery?
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The grim depressing tone of the first season seems gone and the show seems a bit more light-hearted now (but I liked grim and depressing!)

Spock hasn't shown up in the present yet but we do see him in Michael Burnham's childhood flashbacks. Apparently he's still on vacation this episode. Michael gets anxious to reunite with her brother and is shocked when the enterprise sends over this annoying human guy as their science officer instead of Spock. Thankfully NotSpock gets the horrible death he deserves when he chooses to not listen to instructions.

I thought we got an interesting insight into Sarek's family when he revealed WHY he adopted Burnham. He wanted Spock to learn empathy in case he had to work with humans in the future. He figured Spock would revere his mother too much to relate to her but he figured a sibling would give Spock that ability to relate to others.

Pike takes over the Discovery. I thought it was funny how he told everyone on the bridge to do a roll call and say their names...I don't think half of these characters had names in season 1.

Apparently the producers have said that Lorca may come back someday...but not in season 2 \:\(

There is also an interesting subplot about something endangering the galaxy this season called "The Red Angel" that Burnham gets a glimpse of. This episode involved the crew trying to track down one of the 10 or so signals this thing is sending out.

Ok I liked this episode a lot more than the first two episodes this season.

L'Rell, Voq/Ash and Georgiou (mirror) all return. (I like all's just the main cast I'm not overly fond of)

Ash is living with the Klingons as Chancellor L'Rell's mate (I don't think they know he's Voq...they think he's just some human I think). We see L'Rell has created the classic Klingon style of ships in a bid to unite the Klingon houses. We find out that at some point L'Rell got pregnant with Voq's son and the baby gets kidnapped by some Klingon who wants L'Rell to sign the empire over to him (Klingons sign contracts? What are they Ferengi?). Anyway it looks like L'Rell and Ash are about to be killed by the Klingon guy when Klingon guy and all his men are killed by Empress Georgiou from the mirror universe who has joined Section 31 (I don't think they say the name yet...but that's what it is). Georgiou's main agenda is to keep L'Rell on the throne and is willing to kill L'Rell's enemies (and family/friends etc) to make sure that she remains on the throne. Georgiou convinces L'Rell that Voq and the new baby are liabilities so they clone heads for Voq and Voq Jr. to make it look like Voq betrayed her and that the evil Klingon guy who tried to kill them died saving the Empress to unite the Klingon houses. L'Rell decides Chancellor isn't a fearsome enough name to describe her position and now wants Klingons to call her "Mother". Voq/Ash decides to leave his baby son with the monks on Boreth to be raised in the ways of Kahless knowing he and L'Rell will never see the boy again. Georgiou's boss in Section 31 wants her to recruit Ash. You would think Empress Georgiou would hate not being boss of Section 31 but to me she's having the time of her life working in the field and seems to be thriving in her new position.

Tilly's plot is dumb. Apparently one of those mirror universe mycelium network spores landed on her in the recent season finale so now some really annoying ghost who looks like a dead girl she went to middle school with her is haunting her. This plot was just annoying. Hoping it gets resolved soon. The actress who plays Tilly isn't that great so seeing her pretend to argue with the ghost is irritating.

3 episodes in and still no Spock. They talk about him over and over again but still no Spock. Apparently Spock saw this Red Angel character when he was a child according to his mom Amanda. Apparently Burnham ran away as a kid, the Red Angel told Spock where she was hiding. Sarek and Amanda assumed the story was false about the Red Angel and that really Spock used logic to figure out where Burnham was. Amanda tells Burnham that while she showed loved to Burnham Sarek would not allow her to do so with Spock as they were raising him to be Vulcan. Apparently Burnham, Spock, Amanda and Sarek haven't gotten together as a family in ages because Burnham did something cruel to Spock to keep him from following her around like a puppy dog (Burnham's apparently the elder sibling)

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