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Subj: Re: A list of 20 Sins of the Federation
Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 at 02:18:47 am EST (Viewed 341 times)
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20. Kids on Starships

The real problem is that TNG doesn't know what it wants the Enterprise to be. Is it a science vessel? A warship? An ambassadorial ship? A frontier scout? It seems to be all of these things. Having kids on a ship on the frontier exploring the unknown or standing sentry at the edge of a border next to a hostile species makes no sense. Having them on a science vessel studying phenomena safely inside Federation borders where all the space storms have been mapped is probably fine. TNG wanted to have its cake and eat it too. Picard's ship was on the frontier, crossing enemy borders, going to boring ambassador ceremonies, hosting dull science experiments, going on spy missions. It was like 5 different ships.

19. All I can say about this one is that I disagree that Enterprise filled in any blanks in the Trek lore. All it did was create contradictions. The Borg episode was one of the worst. Although it did establish firmly in my mind that Enterprise was in a different timeline than the previous Treks. First Contact changed history and this episode was a reminder that Enterprise was a continuation of that new history. And JJ's Trek followed in that same path. That's why they name-checked Archer just as Enterprise name-checked Cochrane.

16. Creating a cloaking device seemed like a smart move, actually. Pressman was right, it was a bad treaty. They should have developed equal technology and then called a truce. But then why didn't they ever develop a cloak after Kirk stole one? They had decades to reverse-engineer the thing. I wonder if Section 31 had a hand in Pressman's venture?

12. Splitting Tuvix
Well, I'm not sure Tuvix's argument was valid. He said that Tuvok and Neelix lived on inside of him so letting him live was not the same as killing them. Then by that rationale wouldn't he live on inside of them after the split? He was being just as selfish as Janeway was being.

Most of the rest of this list isn't "sins of the Federation" but sins of one person acting against Federation orders.

I can't believe that Janeway aiding the Borg in their assimilation of Species 8472 wasn't even on the list. Didn't make the top 20?

Wasn't species 8472 a greater threat then the Borg were, though?

As I recall when they first appeared at the start of the episode they blew away 3 borg cubes....

Also children on the ships is such a bad idea. ALso when they assembled the fleet for the Battle/Massacre of Wolf 359 they didn't take any time to offload civilians and children to some colony world first.

How many were lost?

Also in Generations did all personnel really get to the saucer section in time before they had to split from the star drive section?

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