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Subj: Re: How would you do a new Star Trek series?
Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 at 03:40:33 am EDT (Viewed 744 times)
Reply Subj: How would you do a new Star Trek series?
Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 at 06:14:36 pm EDT (Viewed 840 times)

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How about a Star Trek based on time travel?

Think Quantum Leap meets Sliders in the Star Trek universe.

This could deal with alternate timelines, policing events when they were supposed to happen, a step closer to closing the power gap with the Q continuum.

It would allow them to deal with favourite storylines etc and a new emphasis on the prime directive?

I'm sure I'll overthink this as I do everything. I prefer to go forward with new stories to retelling old ones. There is more possibility of coming up with something new. I don't have much interest in prequels and even less in retelling stories of Kirk, Spock, and Bones. But if they were going to do the latter they could at least fill the gap between TOS and the movies. They would be boxed in by continuity on both sides but at least they would be an untold era.

So I would move forward after Voyager and for practical reasons I would set it about 20 years later so we could have the possibility of guest actors from the TNG era shows.

One thing I never liked was how often they encountered world-changing technology and then never mentioned it again. So I would want to incorporate some of these ideas to define the world our new characters live in before I figured out the best setting for our stories.

Someone mentioned the TNG episode where warp technology was harmful to space and threatening to become outlawed. That was a topical story but if you eliminate warp drive now you've got stories of people who never go anywhere or do anything. So I would just say they found a workaround. Sometimes the writers want to use something like the Briar Patch to say you have stay at impulse or whatever, they can do that on an as-needed basis. Or the transporters aren't working because of a solar flare or something. But I wouldn't mess with that too much.

The transporters have become a big can of worms though. Not only can you teleport, you can modify people. Make them young again, merge two people together or split one apart. Duplicate a person. You can't tell me that one of those corrupt Starfleet admirals isn't working on that. This was my problem with Tron: Legacy. Flynn says the technology will change everything about science and religion, and then they give us spontaneous AIs. Okay that's great but they already had world changing technology with a laser that can turn a person's matter into energy and back again. Every day if you digitized yourself and reverted to your previous day's pattern you would never age. Lose a limb? Reload your old pattern and it's back. No more need for medicine. Create duplicate people from the same pattern: do they all have a soul? That might challenge religion. Same thing with Trek's transporters. They turned into kids with their full adult memories intact? Who wouldn't use that? They would have to police this somehow but designer bodies would be big business. A transgender person is born with the wrong genitals? Just alter your transporter pattern, like fixing a cleft palate.

Or better yet just link your mind to a holographic body and leave your meat husk in a cryo bed somewhere safe. Once the mobile emmitter becomes as common as cell phones are now, everyone will be doing it. We've seen since TOS that a human can put his mind into a robot body/digital brain. Why not make backup copies of your mind in case you get injured? Or get dementia?

There could be a lot to tap into with ethics that would speak to modern times. But that's probably boring and we want an action-adventure hour, right?

I'd like to see more non-humanoids. The Xindi insects or aquatics, Gorn, Horta, space clouds, just for examples. I think the Borg have been so tamed that they should have a half-dozen of them serving on a Starfleet vessel. A mini collective that can interface directly with the ship and each other.  On that note they would change the Starfleet motto from "Where No One Has Gone Before" to "Where None Have Gone Before" because the use of "one" is offensive to joined species like the Binars, Trill, Borg and that deaf guy with his telepathic chorus.

Pretty much the whole galaxy has been mapped but you can't tell me all the residents will get along. Plenty of friction will abound along borders just like on DS9. The Dominion is still huge. What about the Voth from Voyager, weren't we told they were one of the biggest star empires in the galaxy? I think at some point most of the Alpha Quadrant races will have to come together to defend their corner of the galaxy. Especially since they found they have a common ancestor. Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Tholians, Breen, all one big United Planets so to speak.

Plenty of other places to explore and new enemies to find. Mirror Universe, Fluidic Space, that clicky place where Riker had his night terrors, Lazarus' antimatter universe, wherever V'Ger went. Other galaxies of course.

Let's put the kibbosh on the time travel though. It's too easy. Slingshot around the sun, get too close to a Romulan warp core, use the chronotron particles in your transporter or whatever. Picard and Janeway both suffered interference from the future, and Archer's whole show was built around it. But the latter was probably just an excuse so the writers could justify any anachronisms that were sure to pop up in their show. Since we're not doing a prequel we don't have to worry about that. I think the Federation gets wise and throws a Temporal Shield around their century so no one can get in or out.

So where does that leave us? How about multiple points of view? A Federation crew excited about the possibilities of this new tech. A Klingon crew yearning for the simpler old days when species weren't joined or gender wasn't a spectrum, when immortality wasn't possible and everyone could expect a death and hope it was honorable. Ferengi figuring how to profit from it all. The Dominion, Voth or Borg need the Alphas as an ally against the others.

And would it kill them to create a 24th century pop culture? You've got Picard listening to classical music and Tom Paris watching movies from the first half of the 20th century. Kirk is now listening to 1980s rap. Does anyone from the 24th century consume any pop culture from their own century?

And I would keep the show somewhat episodic so these ideas can be explored. Like DS9, even though the Dominion war remained in the background for several seasons there were still many one-off episodes. The war only surfaced every 3rd episode or so as I recall. I would keep an ongoing plot but leave room for single stories too.

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