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Subj: Re: Here are Several Reaasons why Discovery is failing...
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      I also don't like prequels really.

    Hypothetically I don't have a problem with them. But my memory is really struggling to find a prequel I really liked.

It just seems like it would box you in more. You can't say the future is unwritten, anything is possible. You have to lead up to something. If it's a good story, I suppose it shouldn't bother me. Maybe I just haven't really seen it done well.

    To me most prequels are serviceable. If they fill in the gaps in the mythology like Prometheus in the Alien franchise did for me then I'm more generous. Other prequels like Better Call Saul just seem like sad over reaches that attempt to milk a franchise that should have ended.

I didn't think the Alien franchise had any gaps to fill. Humanity went out into space and found an alien. Was it necessary to link the Engineers to the Humans to the Xenomorphs? I wanted to like Prometheus but while pretty looking, there was not much of value in there. Similar to how I feel about Saul.

    I wanted to like Enterprise but they set it before the Federation...people kinda want to see the Federation. I wasn't bothered by how more advanced the tech looked than in the TOS...that just comes with the territory...reboot a franchise like the Legion of Super Heroes and you see the same thing creep in.

That was inevitable. The true Trekkie can explain it with that Voyager episode with Ed Begley Jr. where they explained that the computer revolution of '60s wasn't supposed to happen so the timeline now has more advanced tech than in the original timeline. Sigh, it took a lot out of me to write that sentence.

    And the whole temporal war thing...never liked that...not big on stories like that at all.

Not sure if it could have been done well, but I'm sure that it wasn't.

Actually I think I'm the only one who liked the Xindi season. The premise, which you discover at the end, is that in the future the Xindi become a member of the Federation and are instrumental in defeating the Sphere-Builders (whatever their name was). So the Builders go back in time and pose as Gods to influence Xindi culture to become enemies of the Federation. Seemed like a perfectly good use of time travel. I liked how Archer was able to form alliances with some wings of the Xindi while others continued to oppose him. Now if the Sphere-Builders had been defeated and the future remained uncertain I would have called it a good season. But no, they had to throw in more time travel, Nazis, a completely different alien race and end the whole thing saying "the whole temporal war now never happened" but for some reason Trip's sister was still dead and he still needs naked massages from T'pol to cure his PTSD.

    The sad fact is if they had set Enterprise in Discovery's time frame I might have liked it more. I think Enterprise was a bad idea and now this will look like a retread of that bad idea. I guess what I'm saying is I wish they had this Discovery time frame idea of being ten years before Kirk's mission back when they were dreaming up Enterprise instead of Enterprise being pre-Federation.

I think I was more excited when they first reported that Discovery would take place after Star Trek VI but before TNG, at least I could see the value in stunt-casting from TOS and referencing future TNG events. That's still fan-service based writing but that seems to be in fashion these days.

    My secret hope for Discovery is that we'll see a young Christopher Pike as a main cast member...I'm assuming he wouldn't be a captain or ensign...somewhere in between like a lieutenant or commander.

Like young Bruce Wayne on Gotham?

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