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Subj: Re: Rebooting/recreating old films
Posted: Mon May 09, 2022 at 04:52:50 am EDT (Viewed 22 times)
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    1. Benefits of modern FX tech

We can debate which looks better, a stop-motion creature or a CGI one. Generally they both look fake to some extent.

But there was a lot of changes between how movies were shot in the 1930s, with a lot of wide shots, like a play, and the 1970s/80s. Richard Donner on Superman said he could take the cameras up into the sky and show the world from Superman's perspective, which they couldn't do before. And more than that, the way people acted, the subject matter allowed, changed.

You look at The Fly 1958 and The Fly 1986 and beyond the main kernel of an idea, you couldn't get two more different movies.

But between the 1980s and now I don't see that much has changed. Now it's green screen instead of rear projection. CGI instead of matte painting. But they both get the same selection of shots. I don't know that technology has changed enough to justify remaking movies from the 80s yet. I see very little difference between Jurassic World 3 and Jurassic Park 1 in terms of special effects.

But I also feel like in movies these days, at least the ones I see, people act pretty much the same as they did in the 80s. Whereas when you see how people talk and act online, it's very different. Movies feel like they are so nostalgic for the 80s that they won't let anything change.

I can totally envision a time when social media is the only thing people look at and movies are gone.

    2. Would people want to watch the classic Zorro movie with Tyrone Power or a new one with modern cast? Nothing against Tyrone Power but do modern audiences know who he is?

Do we need another Zorro movie though? Why not create something new, inspired by Zorro? I mean Batman is pretty much Zorro combined with Sherlock Holmes. He has enough differences to be entertaining for a new generation, but that was 3 or 4 generations ago now.

    Someday I fully expect the Star Wars movies, ep 1 to 6 to be redone despite all the planned retcons coming that will clarify and revise ep 7 to 9.

Why not take the visual language of Star Wars and make a new saga? Mandalorian did that to good effect, much better than the sequels or prequels.


    3. revise/update scripts for modern audiences and sensibilities, removing things that were fine back then but offensive today

Maybe. There's probably a conversation worth having about taking something that's racist, for example, smoothing off the rough parts but leaving the core the same, and asking if it's appropriate. Or if it works. Can we retell Gone With the Wind without the inherent racism?

    4. the quest for more money \:\)

Well sure. I come from a theater background so I understand the appeal of a modern actor wanting to perform an old classic. But the beauty of the theater is that it captures a live moment that can't be viewed again. You can't go back and watch Olivier perform Hamlet, but you can watch a modern actor do it. But old films can be viewed forever. So there isn't the same demand from an artistic standpoint. It really is about the money.

Zorro was just an example I pulled out of thin air as it were.

As to Star Wars, sure an all new saga would be cool, but inevitably it will be rebooted and revised, not all new

Frankly after the disaster of the sequels, I am surprised they aren't rebooting the whole thing vs the retcons that are planned.

Gone With the Wind: given the era that it is set in, I don't think the racism could every truly be purged.

Money and merchandising, the life's blood of the industry.

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