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Subj: Re: Should DC move forward with their Black Superman now then?
Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2021 at 05:42:34 pm EDT (Viewed 66 times)
Reply Subj: Should DC move forward with their Black Superman now then?
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Would you be ok with them just dropping Superman as he has been shown, and have instead main Supes Clark kent be a Black superman?

Or keep Clark kent, and have the black Superman be either the president Obama version, or else one of E2?

Superman belongs to DC comics and the movie studio who owns DC, and they could do whatever they want to Superman. ET belonged to Spielberg and if he wanted to change those police rifles to walkie-talkies, be it.
We're the CONSUMER, if we don't like it, ...don't see the movie.

My advice, ... find a VISION, find a storyline, a look, a feel, to make a SUPERMAN movie!!! Even with a Black Superman, if there's no vision, look, story, ...then it'll just suck like Superman 3, 4 and MOS.

That 78 movie, at one time the Powers-that-be wanted Telly Savales to say, 'Here's looking at you, kid', to Superman. Some line that made Kojak the top rated tv show at that time. There were talks to make it a satire, or a comedy, (There was talk of Muhammad Ali to play Supes), until Richard Donner came along and directed and made one of the greatest movies of the 70s.

You can't go back to the 70s, nudge nudge Superman returns, but you can make a Superman relevant to this time and thinking. Find a VISION for a good Superman movie.