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      Well Reed's not an alpha male in the same sense that Logan or even Tony Stark is. In fact Victor Von Doom is more of an "alpha male" than Reed most of the time. Like someone else here pointed out, Reed can be distant and into his own mind sometimes. He's also one of the more introverted team leaders. Ioan Gruffudd was actually a pretty good Reed. (Jessica Alba was wrong for Susan, and the pair didn't have good chemistry)

    No, I can't agree with that. I suppose it depends on what era we're talking about. I tend to view contemporary Marvel as retconned garbage. But, if we're talking about the original Reed, from Kirby to Byrne, he's an alpha male. Superior to both Logan and Tony. Utterly brilliant, not just at science, but as a leader and tactician. Anyone who's familiar with the Reed back then knows how commanding and dominant he was. Byrne wrote it perfectly (through Sue) when Doom repowered Tyros, and sent him after the FF. "Even with all their power, all Ben and Johnny can do is prolong the battle. We need Reed."

    I don't doubt that modern writers have made a basket case out of Reed. But their view of the character should never make it to the big screen.

First let me say that I think I made a bit of a mistake in the my first post in this thread. I meant to say Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were different kinds of Alpha males. I commented on Wolverine later on, and must have had Logan on the brain when I didn't mean to.

All that said, while I agree that Reed is a great character in his own right, there are some ways that he's not quite as awesome as Steve or Tony. In my own head canon, while Reed is even smarter than Tony, he's not a good of a fighter. He's been beaten by Paste Pot Pete, (or the Trapster, or whatever he's calling himself now)
He's had issues with, and even been beaten by high level acrobats like Daredevil and T'Challa. This has been true as far back as the Lee/Kirby issues.

Cap and Iron man can be leaders to a wider group of people than Reed. Reed is primarily a leader to just his family; Steve and Tony tend to be leaders to the superhuman community at large.

Anyway, you may have taken my statements the wrong way. I think Reed is a different kind of alpha male, but I didn't necessarily mean a lesser kind. Reed is a complex, even complicated character. Under his leadership, the FF tends to go up against the most powerful cosmic entities. (Even more that the Avengers tend to do.) That's in spite of the FF being only four people to the Avengers commonly six or seven people. That's also in spite of the FF generally being less powerful that most Avengers teams.

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