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Subj: Re: Here's what's wrong with movie making in Hollywood.
Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 at 04:38:47 am EDT (Viewed 191 times)
Reply Subj: Here's what's wrong with movie making in Hollywood.
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    So here we have 'creative' people in Hollywood contemplating how to fix the mess made with the Fantastic Four and X-Men. Words like 'formula' and 'diversity' and 'vision' are trotted out, indicating that the executives have no idea how to make a good movie. Even when the source material is right there for them to read. They could even consult the fans, if they weren't so imperious about their jobs. No where in the article does it mention the folly of hiring the same writer to butcher the same story line twice (Kinberg). Or the stupidity of portraying biological siblings as coming from different ethnic backgrounds, TWICE (Fantastic Four). The blame always goes to vague concepts like viewer fatigue with the franchise (which is hard to justify given super hero comics have had a loyal following for decades).

Fortunately, the one who will be in charge of introducing the FF and X-Men into the MCU is Kevin Feige, and he certainly seems to know what he is doing in regards to Marvel comic book property.

    To integrate them successfully into the Marvel Universe, here's what they should do:

    Fantastic Four: Don't shoe-horn minorities into the cast. The FF is a family, every identifiable group doesn't have to be represented. If they want a minority so bad, then remind the audience that Ben Grimm is Jewish. Reed is an alpha male, not some dork who's into science. Hollywood seems to be hooked on the stereotype that scientists have to be socially awkward and incompetent. Reed leads the team, authoritatively. Dr. Doom is a dictator from Latveria, and he wears battle armor. No changes to his origin. He's a megalomaniac. Period. And Galactus isn't a cosmic gas formation. Once that's established, hire a writer/director who knows a thing or two about science fiction. The movie won't be a success if the director's only experience has been making romantic comedies.

Well Reed's not an alpha male in the same sense that Logan or even Tony Stark is. In fact Victor Von Doom is more of an "alpha male" than Reed most of the time. Like someone else here pointed out, Reed can be distant and into his own mind sometimes. He's also one of the more introverted team leaders. Ioan Gruffudd was actually a pretty good Reed. (Jessica Alba was wrong for Susan, and the pair didn't have good chemistry)

Sure, Doom can be a megalomaniacal dictator in body armor. He doesn't have to show up in an FF movie first. Let Marvel play up the magic angle, maybe he can show up in a Doctor Strange movie first. (Not as the main villain, just let people know he's there.) Another possibility could be having Doom show up in the planed MCU miniseries. Doom could be in Wanda-Vison or perhaps the show that showcases Loki.

    The X-Men. Don't reinvent the wheel. Start with the original team, which would build Cyclops' reputation BEFORE Wolverine shows up. If Wolverine is there from the start, then the movie becomes WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. I'm not interested in watching a movie about a team of one guy. Let Wolverine be introduced as a solo project, and free the X-Men to actually engage in character development for the others. Use the comic book cast and timeline. Don't deviate from a successful story. The Dark Phoenix story doesn't have any emotional weight if no one knows anything about Jean Grey, and Cyclops. And for God's sake, don't take that idiot woman's advice from the article above, and rename the X-Men to something more inclusive to women, and make the team female-centered, and change their purpose to being explorers. We don't need yet another executive who doesn't understand why the X-Men are popular.

I agree with all that. Let Wolverine show up somewhere else in the MCU before he meets the X-Men. Perhaps he can meet the Hulk first. I hear people are excited about "Far from Home", is it possible that a new Logan has a cameo in that film? It might be better fit might be to have him appear first in that Falcon and Winter Soldier miniseries. There's also a Black Widow movie coming up, we might see (or at least learn of) a new Wolverine there.

But there should probably be time to forget the Fox X-Men before introducing new ones.

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