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Wow. What a whirlwind of trailers this week. Lot of good, nothing really bad, but a few concerns.

1. Star Wars. Really liked it. I am not a JJ fan, but that being said I only really know his work from the two Star Treks. They weren't awful but I found them kind of bland. So I am worried about the vision he brings to this movie. That opening shot of the Star Destroyer and X-wing in the sands gave me hope that he gets it. To me, there is no better image to completely summarize episodes 4-6 than that shot. It's David vs. Goliath, it's the old Empire in the sand (tell me that Star Destroyer sunken doesn't look like a pyramid at Giza) says we recognize the past and are moving on. Loved it. And of course everything that followed with Luke and Han was cool too.

2. Ant-man. I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan but Ant-man was never high on my list. Even as a fan of the comics I always disregarded the character whether it be Pym or Lang. This looks okay. Paul Rudd is certainly charismatic so worth a look even though I'm not blown away. The biggest question I have is how this character and the story they tell fits into the MCU.

3. Fantastic Four. I have to say I am of two minds on this film. My initial reaction, prior to seeing this spot, echo what many people felt: too young, why the race change, Domashev??? Having seen the snippets in the trailer I feel better about a lot of my concerns. It seems as though the tone for each character is right. Reed and Sue have some chemistry, Johnny is cocky and the Thing is a tragic, loyal protector. Cool. Then there's Doom. Still very concerned about him. I don't like that they are going the Ultimates route where he is part of the exploration team and gets powers along with them. It betrays the character. He is the ultimate arrogant self made man. Even if they hit every beat with the 4, if they miss on Doom this film will be a disappointment.

4. Batman vs. Superman. Sigh. Tough one because I really disliked Man of Steel. Sadly. I absolutely loved the trailers for MOS but the film let me down. I put most of it on Snyder. Right out the gates the movie was derivative with the Matrix and Avatar rip offs. Then the overuse of flashbacks and glaring plo tholes. But this is a new movie. Mind you....I don't mind the darkness as many others do. I don't mind a conflicted Kal El. But I do mind bad story telling and cliches. I am worried. The idea that the events of MOS would be divisive is interesting but let me ask you this...if the public and pundits and politicians and power mongers are all divided...why is there a statue? Do you know what it takes to get a statue erected? Maybe nitpicking but it smells of more lazy Zack Snyder storytelling. The Dark Knight is the influence for this film, but in that tale Supes was a boyscout with a history of heroism deserving of statues. Different here. Then that corny line at the end about bleeding? Sounded like something Stallone would have muttered if they had made Cobra 2. This is a huge film for the DC Cinematic Universe. If they go 0-2 the game might be up.

Star Wars I'll probably go see it theaters with my wife. Pay for a sitter for my kid. The whole 9 yards. Ditto Age of Ultron.

FF I wont ever see. I care too much for the FF. I want to remember them as they were. It's like I wouldnt ever want to see the dead body of a close family member, I'd rather remember them alive and well.

Antman seems like a rental.

Batman v Superman seems like a rental too unless it ends up getting really go press when it comes out.


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