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Subj: Re: Meet the New Doctor.
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    Going hand in hand with that the other nagging doubt no one seems to have flagged is that in casting such an unknown it doesn't really support the assumed idea that Bad Wolf have Sony money & ambitions and there are millions available in the new Budget for the show. If you had money, and ambition to go with it, you would be surely out there looking for an actor who is a known quantity and therefore marketable. Someone who engages the interest of both the (disillusioned) public, and media alike.

I think I've speculated on this before but... I wonder if any actor of note, with any sort of reputation would even consider taking on the part? Even if a given actor isn't aware of the problems the show has had over the last four seasons, any respectable agent/manager would be looking at an offer closely, and I can't imagine them advising their client that accepting would be a good career move.

Perhaps Gatwa genuinely IS the best they can get?

    I am probobly repeating myself with all this, apologies if so, but Tom Baker and Matt Smith were unknown when they came to the series, but both came onto a very healthy show that was riding high, and all they had to do was take over and keep the momentum going.
    With Ncuti though you have a situation more similar to Sylvester McCoy's and season 24 - a guy coming in on a show that needs a major injection of both star-power, and some enthusiasm from the not-yet-watching public....
    I do like the energy RTD and Ncuti bring already. The enthusiasm is everything I had hoped for from the two. But what I feel isn't necessarily what the Public at large feel - they have already judged the Whittaker series and walked away. Casting this guy - black, Immigrant, and gay - might be seen by the masses as a continuation of the ideology of the Whittaker era. A lot will depend on how RTD markets it in the coming year, and whether his story content avoids the huge errors Chibnall repeatedly made in looking down on the audience, and offering lectures rather than escapist stories.

The more I think about Gatwa's casting, the more I come to realise what a stroke of sheer genius it is.

I said a few years ago that the BBC had put themselves between a rock and a hard place with the failure of the Chibnall era, in particular the casting of the first female Doctor. Her successor couldn't be another white male in an attempt to turn the ship around. The feminists would have kicked up a fuss and generated more negative publicity. And another female? Well, why take the risk?

But casting a black, gay immigrant? Genius. No one dares say anything negative about him because he ticks so many boxes there are a multitude of '-ists' and -'phobes' the detractors can be called. And of course, it's great publicity.

The downside is of course that the majority of the public DO see his casting as being for little more than diversity and representation reasons. Many of the people I've talked to about it (Both fans and non fans) greeted it with an eye roll and a shake of the head.

    I do wonder a this stage whether Davies fully realises just what bad shape the show, and the publics attitude to it, is actually in. I hope he cast Ncuti for the right reasons, and not just because he ticked the boxes and he personally fancied him...

    I have faith. And yet the times we are in do suggest there might be some legitimate worries ahead. I don't know if we could get a showrunner today who focuses on story over agenda...

Some VERY legitimate worries I think. I don't know if you've seen this:

So according to RTD here, the 'fundamental' audience for Doctor Who is 6 year olds.

And he's going to be shoving diversity and representation down our throats.

Personally, I don't think he really believes the first one for a second. He knows full well what the audience is, and it's not fundamentally that young. I think he's trying to create YET ANOTHER myth (On top of the ones he's created in the past) about the show to cover the fact he's going to simply ignore everything that's gone before and take it in his own direction.

The second thing? Speaks for itself, I think.

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