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I've never really watched the Whittaker era. Occasionally I do try and watch the odd bit, but it alienates me so utterly that the only frame of comparison I have is Batwoman - another show I tried to watch, tried to like, but found it was impossible as it was just badly made, ill-conceived, television.

Batwoman has things in common with todays Doctor Who, as while it is visually competent, the faults lie in just about every other single area - format, casting, scripting, acting, plotting, the lack of enthusiasm or any investment by all concerned, and the policy for moral lecturing that underpins the whole thing.

But just yesterday I found myself browsing, and on an impulse forced myself to watch an episode, originally I had thought I would try Legend of the Sea Devils, but the random choice turned out to be ep6 of the final season, and so 'The Vanquishers'.
Watching the opening minutes of this episode affirmed by view that whatever else, this was a series that was visually stunning to look at. The camera work, the effects, the photography, all excellent. But... just like Batwoman, it was everything else that was failing for me.

I managed twenty minutes. The constant cutting between scenes and places was baffling. The changing cast of characters flowed across the screen like water - one after the other, with scenes cut, cut, cutting, it became difficult to follow and so I didn't care, there is nothing to grab ahold of when the narrative is this fast and disjointed.
Some woman who thinks she is the Doctor flaps away and babbles off near gibberish as she flails across the screen. The two companions are a peculiar pair, and have all the depth of a puddle, and neither are good actors. And by minute 20 the woman called 'Doctor' is given a lengthy scene where she is being asked to put across a MASSIVE dialogue dump, and.....

Right there is where I stopped. I was stopped in my tracks. Jodie Whittaker - so out of her depth in this part that what I see is very much like a poor quality fan-production, where some young and game university grad is playing the Doctor. Completely miscast, but game for a go. It's all good fun, completely amateur, but earnest in its own way.

I made an observation on the Legend of the Sea Devils trailer that while I found it visually impressive, very much 'film', it stopped being filmic the moment the three main cast appeared and began speaking. Suddenly it was under ten's children's television. And that's how I felt about the standard of 'The Vanquishers' here. A product given exceptionally high production values, being then casted by a trio of low calibre leads who belong in low-tier toddlers television. It is like making a big budget major film such as Star Wars, and then casting the cheapest, most disposable, least committed, least suitable, three actors you could find to sell your vision on the screen. It's a disaster in the making if you don't get the casting right.

This series is painful for me to watch because of this sheer dissonance in terms of quality - impressive crafts-people at the BBC film and design this show, you can see their sincere dedication to it writ there on the screen. And then three lead actors, Whittaker especially so, who are doing it for nothing more than the money and a career boost. Completely out of their depth on this series, but none of them bothered. So long as they get paid and this goes on their resume'....

But the one thing that struck me most here, is that Jodie Whittaker cannot handle a long scene where she is being asked to reel off dialogue - she cannot play that sort of scene, cannot hold the screen as her predecessors did.

Her limitation are being laid bare by this series. Because the evidence on display here is that She is not a lead star actress. She hasn't the ability to hold the screen, or put across convincing dialogue and character. And as such I imagine her choosing this series hasn't done her career any favours at all going forward.

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