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Subj: Re: Screen rant's list of rumored new Doctors
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2022 at 03:07:05 pm GMT (Viewed 29 times)
Reply Subj: Screen rant's list of rumored new Doctors
Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2022 at 08:46:25 am GMT (Viewed 52 times)

    tossing in spoiler tag as precaution. I take this list with a grain of salt.

    Also there is a subsequent article on Screen Rant where Lydia West states she is not in running for the part.


    My own opinion is simply this: changing the Doctor to female was inevitable, but also an error. Fans were alienated and left before giving the new seasons a chance. Those that stayed and gave it chance were besieged by bad stories. This compounded the error.

I think the bad stories and not a strong enough actor were more of a problem than a female.

    It is time to get the Doctor back to basics, and part of that means reverting back to male gender. Sorry ladies, nothing personal but somethings were not meant to be changed. I'm all for equality, but changing the gender of the Doctor was an error.

I had other thoughts on how it could have been done better. I mean if the stories are not very good it does not matter though.

Male Doctors have had poorly rated and received episodes/seasons/series as well.

    Imagine for a moment if in Star Wars they decided to change Darth Vader to female? I see Disney/Lucasfilm overrun by torches, pitchforks and lightsabers.

I suppose, but it depends on how they did it. I mean if it was a total revamp than they would be out over everything.

Vader is one guy, not a person capable of regenerating. If Kylo or a descendent is a woman that takes up the name and so on than to me that is less of an issue. In fact no issue.

    So, male Doctor, one or two companions at the most. A companion that can challenge and stimulate the Doctor's intellect and imagination would be nice, I remember K-9 at times did that with Doc 4. Perhaps a new robot companion for the Doctor? Doesn't have to be K-9, although the return of K-9 is something I wouldn't mind. Modern FX tech can handle the character.

I think one has worked best, although it could be more.

    The TARDIS: keep it as the police box. Change its interior again to something on par with the old days, and also.....make it so that the Doctor again has trouble controlling it. In the old days it was a combination of a damaged nav. system and the Doctor needing to learn how to fly it. Let's damage the nav. system again and restore some randomness to the travels.

In general I find that if you have a charismatic lead and enjoyable stories than that needs to be the groundwork. The other stuff does not matter as much.

Honestly, one of the problems with a female Doctor was it was always going to turn some fans off and that BBC doubled down on it in a way to drive so many away. I feel that if it was done differently it may well be that they would have reduced that loss.

The downward trend started before this current run but a lackluster Doctor with one part being what seemed like a gimmick to make her female and a terrible show runner and there you have where things are.

Back to basics is fine and dandy but that means different things to different people and the battle at this point is just winning the fans you had back. Which is far from an easy task.

Look Raist bunnies...
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