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Subj: Re: Capt. Jack Cancelled?
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I think it is, yes. \(yes\)

It doesn't seem to me that they recognised just what a colossal risk and gamble they were taking the the 2017 revamp, all there was was the need to have a female Doctor and 'diversity'.

With those boxes ticked it was job done.


What really does fascinate me at this point though is Chris Chibnall.

There are volumes to be written about this man, but here he is, at this moment, in charge of a show that he, personally, has likely just destroyed.
He doesn't given interviews, he doesn't hold himself to account, he barely has one original idea in his head, and he isn't fit to be a Producer on television, more than that he is the first and only Producer of the television series to not support Doctor Who Magazine.

All of this, and more, reinforces my impression that this is someone who was and is only concerned with his own career and prospects. Just as Jodie Whittaker is.

These two went into it for their careers, possibly thought for a few moments they could rival Russell Davies and David Tennant's success, and once reality kicked their door down hard at the end of the first season they went to ground...

They know full well this series stinks. So do the BBC. But there are careers to protect, reputations to protect, and no one will ever admit it either stinks like manure or that it has probobly finished the series on television.

They really needed to have heeded that warning and red flags from the star Trek series, as once you get in charge those who do not really get the intent and concept, the series gets screwed!

Too bad that we cannot get them to just make movies with david tennett, or else do a prequel with that Dr that was sh0wn only on that Fox tv movie!