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Subj: Re: Capt. Jack Cancelled?
Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 at 07:43:38 am EDT (Viewed 151 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Capt. Jack Cancelled?
Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 at 10:45:03 pm EDT (Viewed 176 times)

    The will to cancel Barrowman may not appear to be there now, but the vehemence and outrage in many of the tweets I read from groups and individuals suggest otherwise. I'd imagine that complaints have already been arriving at the BBC since the news broke. And these things have a way of escalating quickly. All it takes is for one or two women who were offended by his behaviour to make official complaints, and the BBC will be compelled to act (Assuming they haven't already).

It is a strange and unpredictable chemistry that goes into a witch-hunt and termination. John Leslie was accused of date rape, but eventually cleared, and yet his television career was finished as the taint to his name and reputation remained in place. He simply could not negate the original shock and disgust of the claims against him...
Noel Clarke seems to be a repeat of this, even if the police eventually decide there is not the substance to make charges the gravity of the claims made, the publicity that lingers around Clarke, will likely mean he is still a complete pariah in the British film and television world.

John Barrowman, I am not on Twitter so nearly all of this passes me completely by. As I noted the the truth is that if you are on Twitter, as Barrowman is, you are very vulnerable. If you are NOT on Twitter though, you are of very limited interest, as they can't touch you, and they can't even get your attention....

Really, you contemplate the BBC's potential reaction, while I contemplate Big Finish's.... I contemplate them almost certainly ignoring the issue!
If Barrowman was someone minor, someone like Christopher Naylor, Elliot Chapman, or even Jacob Dudman, then yes, Big Finish would dispense and ostracise him, as they have with James Dreyfuss as one example. They are disposable. But because this is someone 'important', because he is 'John Barrowman', they turn the cheek and will cast a complete blind eye on both the Twitter controversy and his antics....

And I despise that kind of vile Hypocrisy and double-standards.