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    Fans who've been watching since the sixties... we understand what can happen when the show's run correctly.

    Bill Hartnell was the Doctor. The one and only. Then along came Troughton, who became popular very quickly. He was succeeded by Pertwee, and he became the new gold standard. The show was more popular than it had ever been. No one could imagine anyone topping that. But Tom Baker strolled in and became the most iconic Doctor ever (Yes, even over and above Tennant). Peter Davison continued the success story.

    Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy - like Capaldi - never really had a chance to shine.

    But I guarantee you, if Capaldi had been given the same level of material Tennant had, he'd be the one you'd want back today.

    Classic series fans have debates about who was the best Doctor, and out of seven actors they have five very strong contenders.

    New series fans can't have that debate. Out of five actors, there's really only one candidate. And that's not the actors' fault, it's the showrunners'.

I jumped onboard toward the end of the Smith era because the TV just happened to be on and tuned into BBC America when his last episode was on back when it originally aired. It got me and the missus binging from the beginning of the reboot and we have watched ever since. Both of us are in agreement that the current state of the show is—simply put—bad.

Over the years I have gone back to watch various serials from the classic series in order to get a better understanding of the history of the show and the character. It's easy to understand why Tom Baker tops so many lists as THE Doctor, however all those lists are pretty subjective. I enjoy watching Troughton, Pertwee, and Davison just as much as Baker, Tennant, and Capaldi. Every Doctor has had some great shining moments and some total stinkers save for Whittaker whose shining moments are extremely few and dim at best. Her fault? Not totally. I believe her casting was in part cronyism spurred by an agenda the BBC and Chibnall believe they need to push on to their audience. It appears they would rather serve the agenda than the audience which expects a higher level of quality from a show like Doctor Who.

So it really comes down to the foundations of the show: the network, the showrunner, and the writing. We can put the absolute best actor possible in the role regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, etc., but if the premise and material given to that actor are lacking, then there's only so much they can do with it. What was once a gem becomes a polished turd.

I would love to see a retro series based on Doc 8 in order to flesh him out, but I also wonder what good it would serve the show and its history overall to do that. At this point in time, I believe Chibnall and the BBC have worked themselves into a real pickle by sacrificing the integrity of the show's history and, in turn, the fanbase that has invested so much because of that history. Unless the Beeb 1) relents on pushing their agenda rather than simply telling good stories and 2) hires a showrunner that wants to do the same instead of being their lackey, I'm afraid the future of the show is rather dire.

I too would love a Doc 8 series.

As to the current dilemma, I have posted ways they can soft boot and erase the Whitaker era and have the real Doc 13 emerge from regeneration. \

Doc 12 becoming a woman was due to sabotage, either by the Master, Rassilon or the Dark Guardian are a combo of the 3. reason: Master wants to make the Doctor miserable and torment him, Rassilon and the Dark Guardian want the Doctor dead. Yet they know the Doc's skill and cleverness will be a problem if they directly attack and Doc 12 showed he has the support of Gallifrey.

So mess with the Doc's head by sabotaging regeneration, and then this whole mess of a story about Doc's alleged origins is revealed as a massive plan to kill him.

Doc 13/Whitaker thwarts it but in the process of thwarting it has to basically commit "time suicide" by going back to Doc 12's regeneration and fixing the sabotage. Thus she is erased and Doc 12 regenerates into the real Doc 13, a white british male.


Doc 12 awakes on the floor of the TARDIS after it jolted him back to life and he goes thru his various personalities as he awakes(use stock footage from the episode) then insert new footage of Capaldi saying "Wow that was an incredible fever dream!" thus we dismiss the story of Doc 12 meeting Doc 1 as well as the Whitaker era. It was all a dream....which was a weak way to reset the show Dallas with Bobby Ewing I admit....

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