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    Of course, all of the above is dependent on Doctor Who coming back at all in 2021/22. I'm still half convinced it won't, but these new rumours certainly seem like the BBC are trying to figure out a way of resting or ending the show quietly and inexpensively as possible while fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Probobly so i agree. Chris Chibnall eying up his exit strategy would be no surprise, his primary concern as with Whittaker is career, he has made his indelible mark on Doctor Who and there is no profit staying any longer than his contract will allow him. To be fair though despite only doing three seasons he will have been on the show for near enough five years come next year, the gaps between seasons are getting longer and longer...

What else is there to say by this point?

All I can say is that we have reached the point where entropy is in effect with the series, there are no surprises in Doctor Who anymore.
No one can be surprised that Jodie Whittaker is leaving, she's done three series' and made her mark
No one can be surprised that Chris Chibnall is looking at his exit strategy, he too has made his mark and made sure it is both indelible and Unforgettable.
No one can be surprised that the BBC is nervously considering its options after gambling the Silver on Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall's talents and finding both them, and their own utterly misguided preconceptions on what the audience might be for it, were astronomically way off their expectations. To the extent that they may have just lost the Silver and killed the golden Goose while they were at it...

After The Timeless Child retcon where is there left to go with this character, and this show? How do you surprise the audience anymore when you just revealed the origin?
When Jodie Whittaker does depart the next Doctor will be black. I don't think the bookies will even take bets. So where is the surprise? How do you possibly surprise the audience when the audience sees in advance because they are now all too familiar with your thought processes and decision making?

Yes. There are no surprises from Doctor Who anymore... how can there be by this point, it all feels very stale, and very very predictable by now. \(wilt\)