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Subj: Re: Russell T. changes the rules of regeneration.
Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 at 06:33:17 pm GMT (Viewed 86 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Russell T. changes the rules of regeneration.
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    Think was really interesting interplay between Him as new Dr and companion, as forced to go right from lover interest to his daughter!

Agreed. You can get some great interactions when companions bridge Doctors. Although while Moffat did write SOME nice stuff there, I don't think he handled it particularly well.

Part of the reason I could never engage 100% with the 2005 reboot was Russel T's tendency to write the Doctor as a human with super powers rather than as a Time Lord who hung out with humans. Moffat continued to look at the Doctor this way when writing the Smith Doctor, but when it came to Capaldi, he couldn't quite seem to write the Doctor any other way. He tried, but didn't manage to pull it off.

Clara should have been the only one conflicted in that relationship after the regeneration. He's now a much older man, but she's still attracted to 'him'. What does she do?

The Doctor however has seen it all before. He's been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt. He should have immediately pulled back from the relationship, become a little more aloof to Clara.

I always thought they missed a bet with Danny Pink. They should have brought him on board the TARDIS quicker, and kept him there longer. Now THAT would have been a great dynamic: Clara conflicted over the Doctor, conflicted between the Doctor and Danny, Danny in love with Clara but unsure of her because of her feelings for the Doctor, and not fully trusting of the Doctor himself. The Doctor for his part should have stepped back more into the role of 'team leader'.

Much has been made of Capaldi's resemblance to both the Hartnell and (especially) the Pertwee Doctors, but I think given his personality and his qualities as an actor, they could have pushed him closer to the McCoy Doctor - A master manipulator moving pieces on a chess board, and using Clara and Danny as his pawns. Well, not pawns. Knights, maybe.

I just think that the most interesting aspect of the peter Dr was when the Master had her gender changed, and ut seems that there was chemistry between the two of them!