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Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 at 05:00:31 pm GMT (Viewed 74 times)
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I'm at a loss as to what to make of 'Timelord Victorious'. Is this some vain effort to appease the disgruntled licencees of BBC Worldwide? Is it a direct snub to Chris Chibnall's vanity? Or is it a genuinely ambitious publishing experiment to gauge how well a cross-platform merchandising event can work for the BBC and its lucrative Doctor Who brand? Is it coincidental that the entire exercise is built around the Pre-Chibnall mythos and excludes the 13th Doctor...? Does this confirm the rumours that the Whittaker Doctor is the equivalent of 400 tonnes of Industrial-strength Kryptonite to merchandise sales involving her...? \(fear\)

I appreciate these two new books, muddled as their marketing is the thought of a new eighth and Tenth Doctor novel is genuinely appealing to me, I don't find the plot as listed all that arresting but if anything I do hope the sales are strong for these two as I pine for a revival of the old Past Doctor novels. You can't beat a good prose adventure for the First and Third Doctors, and even the thought of a new Steve Lyons Sixth Doctor novel is a warm one to have.

It would be irony indeed if these novels turned out to sell better than the 13th Doctor ones... a very clear message sent to the BBC.

Whittiker's Doctor will be involved. Titan comics released details of another Jodie/Tennant crossover coming where they get involved with the events of this series and the sea devils and Rose will appear