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Subj: Re: Time Lord Victorious event is coming
Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 at 09:04:54 pm GMT (Viewed 55 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Time Lord Victorious event is coming
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    The prejudiced British public have enough egg on their face as it is following Brexit. 'Rewarding' their outrage by back-peddling would lead to a great deal of social media scorn from the other side of the debate.

How on Earth do we have 'egg on our face' over Brexit? And what on Earth does Brexit have to do with a mere tv show?

    Also, by back-peddling, you're essentially saying Doctor Who can only be done a certain way, with no room for new ideas as it pertains to The Doctor's character. There really wasn't that much mystery left to the character other than exploring his childhood...which, I might add, the BBC were fully prepared to do at one point. There was nowhere else for the character to go, everything had been largely told and explored.

Yes and no.

Doctor Who *can* only be done a certain way. Just like all characters and franchises, there are parameters beyond which you can't cross without diluting that character so much it becomes unrecognisable to it's audience. Then you've lost the character. Lost what makes it unique.

However, that still leaves plenty of room for manoeuvre in your storytelling, especially in a show like Doctor Who, which has the broadest canvas of all to paint on - all of time and space, and every relative dimension too.

To say that 'There was nowhere else for the character to go' completely misses the point of the show. It's been recognised practically since the show's inception that there really is nowhere for the character to go - Tom Baker was particularly vocal about this fact during his tenure - and you should never examine the Doctor's past (His personal history) too closely, if at all. People seem to miss the fact that the show is after all called Doctor WHO?

The show isn't *about* the Doctor. It's stories happening on Earth in it's past, present and future, and on other worlds. Stories in which the Doctor becomes involved. It's an important distinction.

Terrance Dicks said on several occasions that during his time as script editor, he'd receive unsolicited scripts from both professionals and amateurs. And the two giveaways in spotting an amateur script were 1) They'd often include an old foe, Daleks or Cybermen usually, and 2) They'd always want to do something to the Doctor. To want to explore or change him or his history. Dicks recognised - as all good Doctor Who producers and script editors did - that the trick to writing the show was first and foremost to write a good story, and then to drop the Doctor into it.


    Suggesting new ideas can't be tried without risk of offending stubborn traditionalists who are reacting very badly to a state of present day culture shock is essentially censoring art.

Nobody's suggesting that at all. But it's important to recognise that just because an idea is 'new', doesn't automatically mean it's good. And the ability to discern one from the other is a critical tool for an artist to have in his armoury.

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