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Subj: Re: So lets say BBC realizes their gross mistake and wants to reset the show
Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 at 12:34:17 pm GMT (Viewed 128 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So lets say BBC realizes their gross mistake and wants to reset the show
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    Bottom line: no matter how they do it, the BBC will have to eat a lot of crow and garbage as they work to recover the show and the fanbase.

    So bring back a male Doctor, and also have David Tennant be the new Master and lets get the series going again.

On balance a show (and genre) as expensive and complex to produce as Doctor Who is always going to be dependent on financial assistance from elsewhere, the BBC can't do it alone, and their financial allocations for Television production today is well known as being ever more tighter and only ever getting moreso - in this multi-media digital age where television broadcast is almost unrecognisable to where it was just 25 years ago things are only ever going to get more competitive and more commercial in outlook, and the BBC itself even (begrudgingly) admits to this reality.
So the future for Doctor Who is likely co-production, one way or the other. We have seen ratings for Doctor Who virtually implode in America thanks to the BBCs introduction of the female-doctor and some diabolically bad decisions allround, but given the show has importance to the BBC (it is one of the very few assets it own outright and is commercially lucrative) I do agree that some heavy rethinking will have to take place sooner or later, and if the property is to be revived and resold to an American audience some backtracking to what actually appealed to that audience in the first place will be vital... because America is where the money will be coming from to help produce Doctor Who in the future. It's where the series has had its most faithful following and success overseas.

To save the current era, you would need a miracle. The fundamental problem lay in bad choices all the way along, and the fact that they never understood or appreciated the dynamics that made the series actually work. The alchemy between its characters, their relationship to the other, and the needs for an action hero at the center of it who could and would appeal to the female demographic - not for nothing was the Russell Davies era so appealing to the female and family audience... even Steven Moffat understood the importance of that need to appeal to and preserve the link to the female audience.

Yes a major rethink is needed, similar to back in the late 80's when Hasbro was forced to rethink things and do a major retcon/revival for Optimus Prime as the concept of Rodimus Prime failed due to bad execution and the trauma of the kids that saw Op die.

Doctor Who is now in a similar position. The concept of a female Doctor worked on paper, but the execution in terms of story and chemistry with the cast has failed. A female Doctor might have worked if they perhaps went more like how Sarah Connor was in T2, all action or Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (Alien 2).

But they didn't. Then they give us this whackadoo story about the Doc always being a woman and retconning the core concepts. THAT is where fans of both original run, and relaunch era Doc 9 to 12 can say they have been traumatized. Not because Doc is female now but because of the stories.

So, 13 is indeed an unlucky number for the franchise. One almost thinks they are doing this story based on that she is #13 and that #14 will bring the luck back, but I dont think Chibnall is that clever, and I say this having rewatched the first season of Doc 13 and will not watch the second season again.

However, IF this was revealed to be some crazy scheme of the Master, Rassilon, Valeyard, or the Black Guardian or some combo thereof then that would be going back to the continuity and history that we remember and love and could restore things.

The White Guardian did warn Doc 5 that in the future Doc would have to fight the Black Guardian again. The Black Guardian loves acting through agents, can appear in whatever form he wants, and is a master of deceit.

Black Guardian as the prime opponent in all this would make sense. If the Black Guardian was using the Master as his agent that would also make sense. Perhaps they have obtained the Key to Time and are messing with time and history on a universal scale and the White Guardian is powerless to stop them and needs Doc 13 to wake up and realize things.

Chibnall is rewriting the series, but the Black/White Guardians and Key to Time can be the big red reset button.

OR: Doc 12 in his last fight with the Cybermen was taken captive and is plugged into their systems where they are trying to get his knowledge and the whole Doc 13 thing is a massive Matrix-style construct they are using to keep him occupied.

OR: The TARDIS has revived Doc 12, he is going through his previous personalities after awakening and does refuse to change and the White Guardian is showing him how things COULD go if Doc 12 doesn't cheer up a bit and regenerate. Perhaps as a warning that the Black Guardian is messing with him. Then Doc 13 wakes up to reality, and it turns out that 12 hadn't regenerated yet, that his meeting Doc 1 was actually arranged by the White Guardian so that Doc 12 could get his mind right, and then Black Guardian stepped in and had been messing with Doc 12's mind and that whole era of Doc 13 and all adventures/retcons were a giant illusion by the Black Guardian.

Only Rassilon would have motivation to attack the Doctor, the rest of Gallifrey was grateful to Doc 12 for saving them in the Time War.

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