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Subj: Re: Time Lord Victorious event is coming
Posted: Fri May 08, 2020 at 07:30:19 pm GMT (Viewed 131 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Time Lord Victorious event is coming
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    Are we I wonder. What 'Timelord Victorious' shows us is the unspoken clash between Commercial forces and Ideology, the BBC via Chris Chibnall pursue ideology, the commercial arm of the BBC (and by then the public) represent commercial forces. To sell a massive retcon like The Timeless Children requires support, both public and internal, and while the BBC ideology may support the ideas put forth the fact that it is met with Public apathy and lamentable ratings means they have an inherent problem in selling it... because if the Public and media are not taking the bait and embracing the massive reveals and changes, and in fact have turned away from the series, then how do you imprint such profound alterations over well established and entrenched public awareness that the Public accept the Doctor as " A Renegade Timelord from Gallifrey"?

    Apart from that being the well established public and marketing view of the character it is also bolstered by its simplicity, and ease to understand. He rebelled against his society and left to explore the universe. As the "Last Son of Krypton" explains Superman, so too does "Renegade Timelord from Gallifrey" explain the Doctor. And this is what the BBC are still selling - 'Timelord Victorious' being the evidence. Because "Renegade Timelord from Gallifrey" demands no real explanation, it is self-explanatory, and everybody out there understands what it means.

    Come series 13 Chris Chibnall is all alone, with a series of choices he has already taken full responsibility for implementing, and a ratings trend no previous Producer or Doctor has ever suffered in their debut season, or even their second season, and a public who are utterly indifferent to your product. Your grand ideas, your Gamble with the series in order to bolster your own standing in the industry, has failed. Are you now going to pursue a new mythology that has already been met with public indifference and low audience response, and spend this new season in baffling and further boring the still fading audience with? Where is the sense in this.

    What are you, and the BBC, going to do here....?

Kill the show.

Simple as that. Just kill the show. The changes have already been implemented on screen, so all the heavy lifting's been done. Taking the show off air cuts the legs from most of the public negativity - No more newspaper articles pointing to plummeting ratings, no more YouTube activists pointing to bad scores on Rotten Tomatoes, no more bad reviews because there are no new episodes to review.

That's half your job done right there: Ending the general public's perception of any negativity surrounding the show.

Then you let time and the 'trickle effect' do it's thing.

Jodie's Doctor automatically transitions away from being THE Doctor - the one the main focus of carrying the franchise is squarely on - to being 'a' Doctor. One article per issue and the occasional cover of Doctor Who Magazine. Her own Titan comic book running alongside a 10th Doctor release. A slow but steady release schedule of novels and other books, especially those aimed at younger fans. The odd multi-Doctor team up to reinforce her status.

And how long do you think it's going to be before Jo Martin's Doctor gets her own Big Finish series?

Slowly over time female and minority Doctors become the new norm. There'll be a new generation of fans who've known nothing else. And then, a decade or so down the road you can bring the tv show back.

The BBC have no financial impetus to keep the show running. They have a guaranteed income through the license fee. The execs are getting paid no matter what. They have other properties to sell, and new ones are on the drawing board all the time. Doctor Who simply isn't a priority for them.

Selling the show is FAR less important to them than selling their ethos.

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