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Subj: Re: The Democrat party's inability to hold together a popular coalition...
Posted: Thu May 05, 2022 at 08:55:15 am EDT (Viewed 217 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Democrat party's inability to hold together a popular coalition...
Posted: Tue May 03, 2022 at 11:23:17 pm EDT (Viewed 266 times)

    Thanks for your reply. Now here's my take:

    The Republican Party has manifested itself into the anti-democracy party with no competent policies of governance. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, never-ending fear mongering boogey-man culture wars are what they have been reduced to at this point. Why would the RNC decide to boycott future Presidential debates unless you have no convincing policies, no meaningful solutions to real problems that Americans want to hear and be debated? No, instead they are banning books and even more absurd, "MATH books", stating they are critical race theory ideologies to somehow indoctrinate youths is beyond idiotic. But this is the Republican Party who's enacting these measures, no one else. The same party which now states the attack on the Capitol and events that lead to it as "legitimate political discourse?" WTF? The Don't Say Gay Bill, anti-LGBTQ measures, and now attacking institutions with swift punishing legislation upon institutions that disagree with them without regard to ramifications (Disney) shows their willingness to use them as an example to others that would challenge their authority.

I agree, but not sure much can be done. More people than one would care to think about are at the least ok with this and in some of these locations between gerrymandering, voting restrictions and other things it would take massive swings for Dems to ever retake power.

So, the GOP can claim vast public support despite not really winning the most votes in the end. It is just the nature of the beast.

And most conservative voters thing the 2020 election was stolen and that is a rallying cry for them now. If anything, it just encourages them at the state levels to no certify if a democrat wins again and base it on false claims.

It does not matter in some cases what the populace may or may not want.

    Now we have, if true, the attack on a woman's constitutional right to choose an abortion (Roe vs. Wade that has stood since 1973) is downright scary to say the least. Lawmakers in Missouri weighed legislation early this year that would allow anyone individuals to sue anyone helping a patient cross state lines for an abortion. Same thing happened in Texas. If Roe is weakened or overturned, states will be more emboldened to enact this type of law and even worse prohibit women from being able to travel to exercise what they believe (and has been for decades), their right to choose for themselves.

I did not realize the Texas one was accross state lines, I thought it was civil lawsuits for getting an abortion in state. I have major problems with this sort of legal reasoning and at least SCOTUS seemed skeptical of it to a point.

I mean using the same sort of logic and process one could attack any Constitutional right, so long as you could not tie it down to a member of the state to sue. I doubt they would be ok with it for something like gun control or anything like that in the end. Or if it were legal to sue religion organizations for violating the law with political speech sort of stuff. Although that would not happen.

I think the idea that one state can go after a person for what they do in another state is weird. It is almost like the Fugitive Slave act situation. For many states laws are similar but in this there is going to be a patchwork of places. Does the power of one state span the country. Seems like it should be no, particularly with the current SCOTUS taking a when convenient states rights situation and the state sovereignty dogma they hold to but I would not put it past them.

    What's next? Outlawing birth control? Same-sex marriage? Interracial marriage?

I mean those cases are coming. Some legislatures in Michigan already brought up birth control. And many pro-life folks look at many forms of birth control as abortion drugs or technology.

Same-sex marriage is for sure on the chopping block.

Interracial marriage has been in place long enough where it is probably ok, but the others are targets of the religious right, sodomy laws are probably at risk as well.

    If you don't fit the category of being straight, White, and Christian then we will silence your voice one way or the other.

Yes, and more likely than not will be successful.

Consider this SCOTUS ruled that fairly moderate COVID restrictions in California were unConstitutional because churches could not congregate in person.

All while the same restrictions were applied to religious and non-religious organizations equally. Normally, that means it is fine so long as there is a legitimate public interest in the action and it is applied in a secular manner to all.

Not with this court, anything you do to a religious body is high scrutiny and will more often than not break for them. We will probably see alot of religious carve outs for questionable things.

    We shall see. In a bizarre way, I hope the SCOTUS does overturn Roe vs. Wade to unite and energize democrats, progressives, liberals, moderates, etc., to say enough is enough. Clarence Thomas tainting of the court certainly doesn't help the credibility of the court, now does it? I won't even get into the outright lies Mark Meadows, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sean Hannity, other politicians, associates, etc., who have been completely busted on tape and text messages contradicting their oral statements. Many of them refusing to testify to the 1/6th committee. What's to hide? Why not do your part to come forward and tell what you know? We shall see. There's more evidence coming soon to support, what we already know. An orchestrated national coup attempt to overturn an legitimate election will be released in public hearings coming in June.

It may or may not. I mean I would hope it would, but support for such things is fragmented. Most people support Roe and do not want it to go but most have different thoughts on what it says at all and what they think shoule be allowed or not. All the GOP has to do is confuse the issue and they are probably ok.

Abortion is also rarer now than ever before. Partly because access to birth control and so on. Which is great and I think what everybody wants, but the difference is that pro-life folks want it to never be ok. Pro-choice folks are not pro-abortion as much as it is a woman's business. And for the vast majority of women it is due to medical reasons. And others are carrying the children of rapists and so on, but I guess they have to give birth to them because all lives are sacred, but the state will not help you at all. In fact you will be called lazy.

    Yeah, just the tip of the iceberg here, but that's my take. ;\)

Oh it is, but to me it is going to get worse before it gets any better at all. Just based on political entrenchment.

We are not going to just seem women rise up in huge numbers. Not until something like birth control or similar is directly attacked. It would need to be something that most use.

Roe has been accepted as fact but it is not something that most people think about that often, but I hope that I am wrong and it will help stem the tied some for the midterms.

That said, given gerrymandering alone it is likely that the Dems lose the house. I think it was fairly balanced, but Florida's recent efforts alone got rid of two or three democratic leaning districts and added 4 GOP ones. Which with other factors is more than enough without a wave election.

Look Raist bunnies...
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