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Subj: Re: The Tea Party
Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 at 07:41:30 pm EDT (Viewed 87 times)
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Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 at 07:08:19 pm EDT (Viewed 82 times)


      Sure, but I am pointing it out as sort of the point that hyper-partisanship started. Seemed like the nuts really started to take over thing, that were only in the shadows before. And usually under false pretenses of things they always wanted anyway.


        The GOP got more people to vote and got them motivated in 2010 (rage over the ACA at the time more than anything).

    I would argue that it was more to do with Obama than the ACA. The ACA was popular, Obamacare was not. That they are the same thing is the point. Obama was painted as an extremist who wanted to overhaul America as a socialist dysoptia, yet he was nothing of the sort.

I think that was what I was trying to get at.

    And of course, racism. Trump is currently president because he launched his political identity as King Birther. And he was successful.

I suppose so. I know a fair number of polls and articles on them that I have seen seem to point to racial and cultural anxiety as the primary driver. So, I suppose racism was right.

Trump himself, was a pretty poor candidate all other things considered. Good enough to win I guess. But the folks that elected him basically had to go with the idea that a guy bragging about grabbing women was better than the other lady because she said mean things.

Clinton was hardly a saint or without sin, but it amuses me that nearly everything the right or so-called moderates claimed would happen with her has more or less happened under Trump. Constant investigations, corruption, conflicts of interest, profiting of the presidency, nepotism, incompetence, alienating allies and so on.


      Turned out to be the perfect timing. They took control of state governments, controlled redistricting and so on that helps in other areas too.

    And now they've transformed the lower courts for generations, which makes any attempt to balance things out that much more difficult.

Most of them anyway. It is still a little funny to me, not really ha ha since I have to live through it, that conservative judges are more likely to be judicial activists and make laws from the bench than liberals ones.

Good marketing I guess. I mean the Voting Rights Act was basically undone by fiat and the current Supreme Court's conservative wing seems openly hostile to most precedence.


      It would be really hard at this point to get political balance out of much of anything at this point. Whatever that would look like anymore. I think there were/are a number of states that are so slanted that even if one party wins over half of the votes in the state they will control only two or so seats in a legislative house.

    The basis for Biden's candidacy is that Trump is an aberration, and that things will return to normal once he's gone. How can anyone possibly believe this. Even during the Obama/Biden era, these guys were saying the fever would soon break and Republicans would come their senses.

I feel Obama in particular was a fairly optimistic guy. I do not know him, but his speeches were mostly trying to bring people together. They rarely did, and did get more ideological as they went on, but the man really tried at the start.

Hardly a perfect president and had many policy flaws of his own, but he could speak and make sense and did not seem to jump from scandal to scandal and yell at everybody around him as always out to get him, even when it is clear he is lying.

Hell, I saw a political science study comparing the current GOP policy positions (and Dems) on a scale with other western countries. The GOP had gone so far to the right they were just a bit to the left of the hard right extremist minority groups in Europe. The Dems were mostly to the center right of most liberal parties.

Perspective is wild. I need to see if I can find that article again.


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