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Subj: Re: Rules for work?
Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 at 04:36:41 am EDT (Viewed 184 times)
Reply Subj: Rules for work?
Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 at 06:35:57 pm EDT (Viewed 285 times)


    Does anyone have a code?

    My rules

    1) If someone is overly nice to me, then I automatically do not trust this person. Respect is one thing, but 'overly nice' is suspicious.

IMO depends on your working relationship. Ex: Are they new and looing for friends to hang out with...are you? Then maybe ok. Have they rarely talked to you before today and are suddenly overly friendly...yes...atch your back!

    2) If someone throws you under the bus, maybe they are having a bad day. If they do it again, by hook or by crook, get them back (the second chance option is pretty much gone now, now I retaliate straight away).

I would say just avoid them. Never help them or support them. Warn others you are friends with not to trust them, and be honest if asked to review their qualities. But I would say do not GO AFTER them to get them back. Those who retaliate are the ones that everyone sees, and you will be judged the jerk.

    3) Don't throw someone under the bus, unless you really have to (except rule no 2). As in, you have discovered something illegal and there's a likelihood you will get swept up in it. Or someone is making a really bad decision that will affect the business.

That's not throwing under the bus in your example. It's someone else actively hurting you and you not putting up with it imo.

    4) If someone is sinking, offer a hand. If they are still sinking, take that hand back. If they really can't help themselves, don't fall into the pond trying to retrieve them. I call this lame duck syndrome.

Its hard to judge how much to help. I instead take what my dad told me once as a guideline. Help others as much as you are able too and no more. Ex: Friend needs to borrow $5k. Do you have 5k? can you handle losing it? If so lend it and assume you wont get it back. If you do GREAT. If you don't...well you know to pull that hand back like you said.

    5) Don't listen to sob stories. Well, listen, but don't really respond much, otherwise that's all you will hear when ever you see them. Similar to rule 4.

I had read somewhere once that office griping is the norm/sob stories. Some people just need to vent...but yes make sure you don't get turned into their scratching post (unless she's really cute \:P )

    6) Don't offer anyone a lift...ever. Otherwise you will be leaving when they leave, when they are late, you're be running late. When they start moaning about work in the car, there's no escape....

I guess whenever I offered a lift it was a 1 or 2 time thing and usually to and back from a car repair location. But yes don't be turned into a bus driver.

    7) Fit into the cliche. At my current work they think I'm a player. My colleagues are quite laddish. For some reason, they think I have a bit on the side. I haven't, but for some reason the fact that they think this has endeared me to the boss and his peer group. (Note - I really don't understand this).

They are living vicariously through you whether its true or not. Just be careful they don't turn bitter over it. Example...they all like the new girl at work and now they think shes yours on the sly and hold it against you.

    8) If for whatever reason, you and a peer don't like each other? You know what, who cares? Hopefully they are not your boss, but don't go the extra mile. Trying makes you look desperate and weak.If they are being rewarded for their bad behaviour, they get the power in their relationship.

Agree. But I would apply this to everyone...hehe
As a teenager I never understood why 1 out of 10 people I knew just seemed to hate me. I got along fine with 9 out of the 10...but always 1 person one matter how nice I was to them would treat me like crap. So now I don't go out of my way to be rude...but I don't put up with their bad behavior towards me either. Just ignore them when when have to and spend as little time engaged with them as possible.

    9) People have weird views on themselves. Some think they are the office hard man when they have never been in a real fight or they think they are the office stud despite the fact they are 35 and live with their mum. If it doesn't affect you indulge their fantasy.


    10) Try and work the best angle for your boss. Try hard to work towards the bigger picture. Don't just do your job, go the extra mile. Never slag your boss off unless there is a need. You just look like a dick and people assume you slag everyone off.

slag? as in disrespect? Sure agree with this.

    11) Try not to make the tea to much, you look a teamaid.

Fair enough...though when I travel I bring good coffee with me and I don't mind making the pots for everyone since I am a semi-guest and they are nice people where I travel to work.


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