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Subj: Re: Addressing your arguments...
Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 at 12:53:50 pm EDT (Viewed 114 times)
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Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 at 10:48:16 am EDT (Viewed 106 times)

    One of the foremost statistics sites on the web, 538, tracks Trump's approval/disapproval rating for the entirety of the time he's been in office and here you can see it's floated between 39% and 43% for the past year:


Wasn't he at 94% among Republicans a week or so ago?

    The most striking thing is that you can see how Trump's approval compares to other presidents and the comparison is flat out horrible for Trump.

Still won.

    Here is a look at how stock have performed for the past 17 months, more than half of Trump's 29 months in office. This shows that the market has been wildly fluctuating but pretty much stagnant since January 2018. So we've had 17 months with virtually no gains.


Is unemployment shrinking or growing?

    But you ignored the biggest elephant in the room, that Trump is funding economic prosperity with $2 trillion in debt. Anyone can do a $2 trillion tax cut to pump the economy, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do and it wasn't.

I guess time will tell if his plan works.

I would agree with you that increasing national debt is a bad thing. Here in the UK we had (between 2011-2018 or thereabouts) a period of "Austerity" where the Conservative Party really cut back on spending for 8 years and there was a real stagnation in wages. However, with our last Budget that (for the most part) ended and there were big money boosts to various sectors (like the Health service). The bottom line being they made a bit of a dent in the Debt.

    What? That's not how trade deficits work. At all. Lowering the trade deficit, which is all about exchanges of goods in the private sector doesn't generate any new government revenue.

But it does reduce imported goods and people will then turn more to locally produced goods.

    Which has nothing to do with Trump's abject failure in shutting down many government services, making paying bills difficult for government employees while they earned no salary, and costing the government $5 billion for absolutely no gain.

I would agree with you Trump was wrong to start the shutdown, just as the Democrats were wrong to block funding the Wall.


      ...and now he's found a way to get Mexico to pay for it, so its all good. \:\)

    Mexico is not paying for a wall.

'Pay' as in imports from Mexico will be reduced when the tariffs kick in.

As in the saying "you'll pay for that." It doesn't mean they are literally handing over money.

    Are you joking? The Russians hacked the emails of Hillary Clinton, the biggest and most sustained story of the 2016 election that damaged her immensely.

Which wouldn't have happened if she hadn't had them on a Private Server...and we can guess why that was.

    Secondly, Trump won the election by the barest of margins in three pivotal states - Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin - and had even 1 in 100 people switched their votes and gone with Hillary instead, Trump would have lost all of those states and the election. Russia used Facebook social media to reach an estimated 10 million users. 470 Russian-created Facebook accounts generated content that was shared at least 340 million times. That you have no problem with Russia interfering in the elections of other sovereign nations just shows where your value system is at. No wonder you approve of Trump.

Any Russian interference was:

1. Less than the blatant Leftist Agenda's of Google and Facebook.
2. Miniscule compared to US Intelligence Service interference in other countries.

    Oh, because someone has done something horrible, horrible actions are now okay. That is a horrible standard.

No again, its hypocrisy to the Intelligence Agencies to play the victims when no one in the world interferes more in other elections/governments than the US Intelligence Agencies.

    These banned conservative voices are extremists peddling hate and blatant lies. Leftist candidates doing the same would be banned. Google and Facebook are private sector companies who are not obliged to spread messages of hate.

"Peddling hate and Blatant Lies"; that's hilarious coming from the Leftist mainstream media that has been banging on about Collusion for 2 years with no evidence.

The Leftist Tech Giants are purposefully silencing Conservative Commentators and will use any sort of nebulous "hate speech"* to justify their actions.

*ie. some snowflake had their feelings hurt as with this recent example of Vox/Carlos Maza.

    "Straight-shooting" = lying out of his gourd, and surely you've heard the saying, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

I'd trust a scoundrel before I'd trust a hypocrit.

    "Seems" not. Doesn't answer that the man lies and lies and lies.

If Mexico aren't 'paying for it' why have they (only now) started cracking down on migrants.

Trump's tough stance gets results.

    They certainly attempted collusion, they just failed at it. Manafort, Flynn, Trump Jr. all had Russian contacts.

None of which were anything to do with manipulating the elections.

    Yet you trust the judgment of the man who hired him for about a dozen years as one of his closest confidants.

Well the first thing I would say to that is never trust a lawyer...remind me again, what was Hillary's profession before politics?

    You engage in so much whataboutism. Even if what you stated was true doesn't make it right and doesn't absolve Trump in any way. As long as you justify wrong, you will keep getting wrong.

You say whataboutism, I say pointing out hypocrisy.

    Wow, just wow. You have really drunken the Kool-Aid when you rationalize forcibly removing over 4,000 children from their parents causing documented trauma for hundreds of these children. Even Trump knew this action was wrong, which is why he lied and blamed it on Democrats, and why he ultimately was forced to overturn his own administration's orders. But you can't even see that it was wrong.

If these families knew it was happening and they STILL crossed the border ILLEGALLY then the blame is mainly on them.

But the truth is whatever position Trump takes in the matter the Democrats will oppose him. We have seen that time and time again, its opposition for its own sake.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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