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Hey zvelf! \:\-\)


      If he's so openly racist, why does he have huge support (for a Republican) among African American and Latino American voters?

    He doesn't. I don't know where you get this idea, but African American and Latino Americans do not like Trump. Trump's approval rating among African Americans is around 10-15% and around 30% for Hispanics.

The highest approval rating among African Americans of any Republican candidate since Reagan and the highest Latino American approval rating for a Republican ever.

    You might be thinking of Trump's boast of a single poll that showed 50% Latino approval, but that was an outlier:

No, my point was that he has millions of Black and Latino voters but you (and the Left) still stick with the racist narrative. Its idiotic and people don't believe you.



I never claimed it was 50% Latino/33% African American support for Trump.

    In any case, Trump is clearly racist. As chief promoter of Obama birtherism, Trump played on racist tropes and claimed Obama was not qualified to be president because Obama was not born in the United States and implied he was born in Kenya even though Obama had a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper and Obama made his birth certificate public. Trump insisted this was the case for 5 years contrary to all evidence.

The claim started by a Hillary staffer...was Hillary 'super predators' Clinton racist too? If so then you have just suggested every voter in the country was happy to support 'racist' candidates.

Criticism isn't racism.

    Trump’s company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s for which Trump had to settle with the government.

The world was a different place 50 years ago. Reading between the lines I presume it was more to do with the perceived value of the apartments.

    In 1989, Trump took out full-page ads in all 4 major NYC newspapers calling for the execution of 1 Hispanic and 4 black youths known as the Central Park Five, who were accused of raping a white jogger. Even after DNA evidence exonerated them after years of false imprisonment, Trump still claims they are guilty even though another man has confessed to it and DNA evidence confirmed it. Trump still insisted the Central Park Five were guilty in 2016.

We discussed this before and the Central Park Five were actual criminals...just not guilty of that particular crime.

    Trump characterized Mexican immigrants as "criminals and rapists."

...and some of them are.

Of course Trump also said "some of them are good people."

    Trump's campaign released a statement that said, "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." Those are the exact words, all Muslims from everywhere.

Which was originally an Obama drafted policy.

    Trump said American-born judge Gonzalo Curiel could not be unbiased toward Trump because of Curiel’s Mexican heritage and Trump’s stance against Mexican immigration. House Speaker Paul Ryan said that was “the textbook definition of a racist comment”

It was curious it just happened to be a Latino American judge and (IIRC) one that had links to pro-Mexican organisations.

    Trump called those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, "very fine people."

No what he actually said was that among the protesters there were some good people on both sides.

He didn't say white supremacists were very fine people - he called out the Far Right AND the Far Left (the latter of which the mainstream media never mentions).

    Trump said 15,000 recent immigrants from Haiti "all have AIDS."

Statistically it only would have been 315.

    Trump called for less immigration from Haiti and Africa, which he called "$h*thole countries," and more immigration from overwhelmingly white Norway.

Many of those countries ARE as he described. I don't see how it benefits America to take in people who are just going to go on welfare regardless of which country they are from.

Conversely if we assume those immigrants you let in are doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers or have occupations/education that would otherwise benefit America, then all you are doing is taking the best people out of those countries which further weakens it.

    Trump endorsed and campaigned for Roy Moore, who was openly racist and said America was great when we had slavery.

...and Hillary's mentor was the head of the KKK; but you never hear a thing about it in the mainstream media.

Although its clear looking over Moore's comments and opinions that he is crazy. I presume Trump was simply towing the party line in that instance - which doesn't excuse anything, but at the same time I wouldn't criticise Obama because he supported a Democrat who's yearbook photo has him wearing 'black face' or dressing in a KKK outfit.

    Trump claimed without proof that a Central American caravan of immigrants contained Middle Easterners, again playing on xenophobia.

Even if we go with the assumption Trump is wrong in his claim, do you think these Caravans of Migrants should just be allowed to walk into the USA?

    That was a very slight majority of white women at 53%, but this is obviously cherry picking as if only white women should count. Overall, Trump only got 41% of the female vote.

So if he's so clearly sexist, why did he still get 41% of the female vote standing AGAINST a female candidate? LOL.

    You also might have missed massive protests in the millions led by women after Trump's election.

Many of those marches included PAID for protesters.


      If he's so homophobic why was he on stage at the Republican convention waving a rainbow flag and speaking up for gay rights?

    He was courting voters. Actions speak louder than words. After he took office, all mentions of LGBTQ issues were removed from the official White House webpage,

I dare say he wasn't as pro-LGBTQ as Obama.

    and he banned transgender people from the military.

Which is simply common sense. I addressed that in another reply in this thread.


      If he's so sexist why does he employ so many women?

    Does he? He's down to 3 women in his Cabinet of 23 positions.

So he doesn't exclude women, ergo he's not sexist.

Of course I am sure in the eyes of the socialist, anything other than equality of outcome is an example of the Patriarchy in action, lol.

    That's not as bad as Trump boasting he walked into beauty contestants' dressing rooms to look at them half naked, something confirmed by the contestants themselves.

By 'half-naked' they could be in their bikini's or something like that, but we all know he's a bit of a Player.

    Trade deficits are not inherently bad economically, and the way Trump is "standing up" to it is costing Americans billions of dollars because Trump doesn't understand that tariffs are taxes on the American people.

I think he obviously does understand how it works. The idea is that you buy less imported goods and instead buy more locally produced domestic goods.

As for trade deficits not being inherently bad, they do seem to have a way of stealing American jobs and moving factories to other countries.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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