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Subj: Re: ENFJ - Assertive - Diplomat
Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 at 10:29:27 am EST (Viewed 647 times)
Reply Subj: Re: ENFJ - Assertive - Diplomat
Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 at 04:09:21 am EST (Viewed 687 times)


      Interesting, we only share the 'N' type in common. That makes you 'Maggie' out of the Walking Dead apparently. Good call.


        I'll be surprised if their are many more 'E' types though.

    I've taken Myers-Briggs tests before and gotten different results, either INTJ or ENTJ, depending on the particular questions asked.

    I think a lot and am very introspective, so I can test out as introverted pretty easily if the questions focus on those aspects. I notice this test called the I/E dichotomy "Mind" and the S/N dichotomy "Energy"; whereas I would have reversed those designations, especially in light of the questions posed by this particular survey.

    Introversion and extroversion are understood nowadays as having to do with where we gain energy and where we lose energy. Introverts gain it in private and lose it in public. Extroverts lose it in private and gain it in public. The questions in this particular survey asked about that. I gain energy in public and lose it in private. I come to these message boards to find public communication so I can get energized.

    As for the Thinking/Feeling dichotomy, because I think a lot and am very introspective, I can come out on these tests as being on the Thinking pole. I'm also logical and practical, so if the questions get into those areas enough, I come out as being on the Thinking pole. But here's the thing: if I'm emotionally invested in something or someone, logic and practicality can quickly go out the window. When thinking and feeling disagree, feelings win, in my case. The reason I may not seem like this sort of person a lot of the time is, a lot of the time I'm not emotionally invested. In any situation where I'm emotionally neutral, I navigate by logic and practicality.

    Incidentally, I think it's better to call the Thinking/Feeling dichotomy "Judging" and the Sensing/Intuition dichotomy "Perceiving," because then the fourth dichotomy, Judging/Perceiving, makes more sense. If you're a Judging person, what that means is, your compass is the Thinking/Feeling dichotomy (whichever pole is primary for you) whereas if you're a Perceiving person, what that means is, your compass is the Sensing/Intuition dichotomy (whichever pole is primary for you) - and so, since I came out as a Judging person, this tells you my compass is my feelings, and this is true, for whenever I'm emotionally invested, emotion dictates my actions.

    In all the times I've taken these tests, I have never come out as Sensing or Perceiving. I seem to be a clear-cut Intuitive and Judging person.

Based on what you have said, I would agree that you have shown consistency in N and J. The thing is, we are obviously different in completely different situations. Due to the type of work I do, it doesn't lend itself to extrovert activity, so I adopt that mask. When it comes to organsing a night out with my friends, I frequently have to don the 'E' mask otherwise nothing would ever be done, although I am seen as 'we are doing this, not that'. Particularly, when there is non work conflict, I do slip to an ENTP shoes, not really caring how I come across, as long as I am logically correct. I don't like donning the ENTP mask and I find it tiring. Having said that, I would struggle coming out the NT role as a 'rational', presumably as you would struggle outside the NJ role.

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