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Subj: Anyone interested in the Sliders reboot? Also, some lingering questions about the original show (OLD SPOILERS)
Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 at 10:27:51 pm EDT (Viewed 149 times)

I read through the Sliders article on wikipedia, which answered some of my old questions, but not all:

1) I already heard that Sabrina Lloyd left the show because of a snide comment Kari Wuhrer made concerning her about something (her engagement to a crew member, as it turns out), and was also informed that Lloyd confronted Executive Producer David Peckinpah that it was her or Wuhrer. Peckinpah chose Wuhrer, so Lloyd left the show. Is that last part true also?

2) John Rhys-Davies, according to wikipedia, left the show because it wasn't doing thought-provoking alternate worlds anymore, just a bunch of action and old, recycled plots from other franchises. I recall during season 3 his character, Professor Maximilian Arturo, was dying to some disease, and only told Quinn, then Rembrandt found out. But instead of dying of his disease, the character gets instead what we saw in Exodus pt. 2 (getting some of his brain fluids extracted from a villain character, shot and killed, then blown up on a destroyed Earth). Why didn't he die of his disease as planned? Also, I heard a long time ago (on the SciFi Channel boards in the late 90's) that Rhys-Davies got drunk at some event and embarrassed some guy, who had some tie to the show, so he had him removed from the show when he finally heard he was on it. I'm guessing that's a lie?

3) I was told at the time (also on the SciFi Channel boards in the late 90's) that the O'Connell brothers left the show because Jerry wanted his brother to take over as the new head of the show, but one or more people in charge said no, so they left in protest. Another lie?

4) Were there any plans on going back to that plot where the Arturo the team left with at the end of season 2 episode "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" was theirs's or the evil double from the dimension they were in? I don't think they where ever 100% sure if the Arturo they left with was really theirs'. After the portal closed, the left Arturo turns around and says, "My god," which makes you wonder.

5) Ok, so Fox switched episode-filming to L.A. instead of Vancouver to lower filming costs. I thought this was a bad move, as it was moved to L.A.'s Universal Studios, where I feel they had fewer places to film different episodes. And how did David Peckinpah get as an Executive Producer? Was the move his idea? Why did Tormé and Weiss even let this guy in? The things done under his management soon ruined the show. I'm glad he was reduced to Executive Consultant in season 5, which I liked somewhat better than seasons 3 and 4 (Diana Davis, played by Tembi Locke, was the only new character I really liked).

6) The "Revival" part of the wikipedia listing doesn't mean they'll have to film at Universal Studios again for the reunion, right? The filming in Vancouver, like the first two seasons, would be more preferable to me, as I said.

- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

Online news article sample (from one of many):
After playing Evil Dead franchise hero Ash Williams on screen for around forty years, spanning three feature films and three seasons of the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell formally retired from the role, saying he’s not physically able to handle the action sequences any longer. But he is playing Ash again by delivering a vocal performance for the Evil Dead video game that’s going to be released next year – and while talking to OK Magazine he confirmed that he would also be willing to provide Ash’s voice if there were ever to be an animated Evil Dead series.

OK Magazine caught up with Campbell during the LA Comic Con earlier this month, and here’s what they had to say about the possibility of some animated Evil Dead:

"When asked if he would be interested in making an Evil Dead animated television series to alleviate the stress of fight scenes and stunts, the answer is a resounding yes. “I can do the voice,” he teases. Time for fans to cross their fingers and hope!"

So clearly there aren’t any plans for an Evil Dead animated series at this time, but if Campbell is interested in the idea he could make it happen; he holds the rights to the franchise, along with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen talk about animated additions to the Evil Dead franchise. About fifteen years ago, I saw a lot of fans hoping the story to the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie that the Evil Dead crew put the kibosh on would receive an animated adaptation. (The story did end up being told in the pages of a comic book.) There is such a hunger to get as much Ash as we can get while Bruce Campbell is still in this world, I can definitely see fans supporting the idea of an animated series. If we can’t get live action Ash, many of us would gladly take video game Ash and animated Ash in his place.

Help make an "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" Continuation by Comic, Novel, Cartoon or Video Game:
Starz cancelled the show, and Bruce Campbell has retired as live-action Ash, but news is that they might do a cartoon continuation of the show, with him as the voice of Ash!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Continued as Comic, Novel, Cartoon, or Video Game Group

Sliders Reboot Confirmed!"

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