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Subj: Book of Boba Fett S1 Ep 6
Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2022 at 10:35:06 am EST (Viewed 70 times)

Picking up where the last episode left off, Mando goes to see Grogu.

Marhsal Van, the man that wore Boba's armor fight off some Pyke syndicate goons.

CGI de-aged Luke is teaching Grogu, and shows him how to levitate frogs, then they walk and Luke tells Grogu about Yoda. Luke then offers to help Grogu remember his home...

....and we see the Jedi temple massacre from EP 3! CLoen troopers approach Grogu and the flashback ends. Luke vows to teach Grogu how to protect himself.

Ahsoka Tano is there! She and Mando chat as droids work on building the future Jedi school

She tells Mando it was Luke's choice to train Grogu and she was fine with that. They chat some more and Mando wants to see Grogu. She asks to take his gift to Grogu, but she warns him that Grogu misses him a lot and that if he sees Mando then Grogu will have more trouble letting go of his attachment. Mando reluctantly agrees and gives the gift to her to pass to Grogu

The training continues, Grogu rides in a back pack on Luke's back...nice ROTJ call back.

Balance training, jump training.....then comes the training remote that Luke faced in Ep 4, Grogu's reflexes and force jumping is put to the test for a time then uses the force to smash the remote. Ahsoka gives the gift to Luke, then departs the planet.

Mando returns to Tatooine to link up with Fett.

Boba holds a war council and Mando states he might be able to get some more troops for them.

Mando visits the Marshal to ask him to lead a garrison composed of the townsfolk to help Fett. After Mando departs, a stranger is seen walking out of the desert.

Marshal confronts is CAD BANE! He tells the Marshal the syndicate will pay him more to stay out of the fight.

The talk does not go well for the Marshal....

The cantina under Boba's control gets bombed

Back at the Jedi training grounds, Luke offers GRogu a choice, Mando's gift....or Yoda's lightsaber!

If he chooses the armor, he forsakes the way of the Jedi and could return to Mando. Or take the saber and embrace the way of the Jedi

Episode ends with Grogu thinking it over....

Grogu's gift is a chainmail armor-shirt made of beskar! I am now having a Lord of the Rings flashback to the mithril vest.....

Well the series is getting better and better. It is possible that Luke and Grogu may assist Boba however, that may be done so that Grogu can say farewell to Mando.

We don't know for sure if the Marshal is dead, the townspeople were tending to him.

We also do not know who survived the cantina bombing if anyone.'s hoping that despite any enlightenment that Boba has received, now that he is physically healed of his wounds that Boba shows us all that he is still capable of being a ruthless killing machine.

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