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Subj: Book of Boba Fett S1 Ep 5
Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 at 12:22:34 pm EST (Viewed 63 times)

also known as Mandalorian Season 2 ep 9: Epilogue to S2 of Mando's series

Mando has found what is left of his coven.

The beskar spear is melted down into something for Grogu to have as the spear can pierce beskar armor and beskar is meant for armor only.

The other Mando states the darksaber was created by his ancestor and duels Mando, Mando wins but they learn he removed his helmet and thus us kicked out of the covern until he visits Planet Mandalore to redeem himself.

He takes a commercial flight to Tatooine where the ship mechanic who is an homage to Sigourney Weaver from Aliens has a new ship for him, but it is not a Razorcrest. It is instead a NABOO STARFIGHTER.

We then get a montage of it being repaired and put back together and Mando takes it for a test flight with a humorous intervention by an X-wing patrol, but the ship was rigged with some sublight afterburners, that we can liken to Knight Rider turbo boost \:\)

Back at the ship yard, Fennec appears and wants to hire Mando to work with Boba as part of the upcoming war.

Mando says it is on the house but first he needs to visit a friend.

End of ep.

So this whole episode serves as what is likely the setup for the main plot of Mando S3 which is to find planet Mandalore, and also likely to deal with the Darksaber and its wielder cold reunite the Mandalorians. Also of course Mando sees Grogu again.

Will Mando appear in the rest of this season of Book of Boba Fett? I honestly hope so as I like the idea of Mando and Boba teaming up, but also as it may lead to Mando deciding that Boba is an affront to the Mando way and have to fight Boba. Mando may not take a liking to the fact that Boba is becoming a crime lord, or he may not care but we'll see.

Boba vs. Mando is a distinct possibility.

1. Mando and Boba's suits are made of beskar. However even though Boba has fixed and repainted his suit, it has seen a lot of action while Mando's is more recently created. Advantage would likely go to Mando in this case.

2. Weaponry: Mando has the whistling birds and Boba has a missile on his back. Mando also has the darksaber. Otherwise I suspect their suits are the same in terms of integrated firepower. Given the difficulty of wielding the darksaber, I would say Boba has the ranged advantage with his missile, in melee range advantage goes to the darksaber despite the fact that beskar can block it.

3. Combat skill: boba has been around a bit longer then Mando. Boba, despite his personality changes from living with the Tuskens can still go full blown ruthless in battle as we saw in Mando S2 when he got his suit back. Mando can be efficient in battle, yes but the killer instinct I think is stronger in Boba. Advantage: Boba

4. Mando does have the advantage of being younger and not having been nearly fried in a sarlaac. Despite Boba's medic bots stating his healing is complete and Boba's scars are gone, I'd rate Mando as in better overall health.

5. While Boba has his code of honor and conduct, he does not adhere to the creed of being a Mando. So he is likely to cheat in a fight with Mando, and Fennec will likely be the interference.

Also I don't trust Fennec to be loyal to Fett. Yes he had her life saved, and yes they have a mutually beneficial arrangement, however she may be biding her time.

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