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Subj: Hello and welcome to the Star Wars Message Board from your new Mod!
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 at 06:22:12 am EST (Viewed 219 times)

Yes, you read the subject line correctly!

It seems the Force is stronger with me still then I thought it was.

I have been tasked with the moderation of this message board and look forward to having fun Star Wars discussions on it again.

Now, I know that some of you have some bad feelings about certain movies that are a part of Star Wars history. I understand and likely share in those feelings. I am not going to boycott discussion of the movies that people dislike, but I do request that discussion of said movies are kept civil.

There has been enough negativity regarding the Star Wars brand and franchise for too long, let's get some fun back into this board!

Also you may have noticed a few cosmetic changes that have already been made. The previous banner was a few years old and I decided to just have a banner that says STAR WARS.

Also the marquee of BD88 was also wearing a bit thin on the eyes, but if there is enough demand for it, it could be restored in the future.

A few more cosmetic changes may be coming!