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Subj: Picard Season 2 part 5
Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2022 at 08:33:31 am EDT (Viewed 58 times)

Brent Spiner is back, playing Adam Soong, a geneticist seeking a cure for his daughter's genetic defect that prevetns her from going outside.

Normal air is like dust to her and sunlight is near instant char-broil.

His funding and license are stripped. He is determined to save her and improve humanity.......and Q wants to help him, if he deals with Picard's ancestor Renee

Renee has some issues but is per history supposed to be on the Europa flight where she will end up finding a sentient life form on IO and bring it back to Earth.....

The Supervisor agrees to help but her rule is that she must not be seen helping/actively interfering or else her assignment could be adversely affected. Basis for the Prime Directive of the Federation?

So Soong's research could help make the evil Confederation if the timeline is changed or else his research would lead to Khan.....

Picard also remembers how Kirk's Enterprise encountered Gary Seven so this supervisor concept comes from that episode. I can't recall but wasn't the supervisor concept inspired by Doctor Who?