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Just say a story saying it was green lighted and pre-production already started. It seems no one had told either Pine or Quinto as they were surprised when seeing the announcement.

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I've heard that rumor as well. I think Tarantino is out, and Chris Hemsworth is out. But they are trying to get the main movie cast back. Sans Yelchin, sadly. Will they have an original idea or simply remake an episode? When Tarantino was being bandied about it seemed he wanted to base his script either on "City on the Edge of Forever" or "A Piece of the Action."

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Wouldn't be surprised if it was A Piece of the Action.

If they were to remake an episode, how about:

Balance of Terror

Doomsday Machine

Perhaps as part of the story they get flung into what for them is an alternate future, but is in fact the original timeline, and they are near Veridian 3 and get a chance to save Shatner-Kirk from that stupid demise.....

CGI De-age and CGI slim down Shatner for one final appearance, his death is prevented and he flies off into space with Picard and crew and becomes a legend like at the end of Undiscovered Country

Sadly Shatner's likely desire for a nice pay day would be the main thing that prevents this. Also I really think the Paramount execs are done with him. Bridges burned and all that....

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