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Todd Arliss

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Has anyone here seen it?

Is it worth seeing?

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It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, nothing to do, because a lot of things were shut down, ...and fortunately my theater was open.

It's a GOOD MOVIE. Not great, but a good time-waster for a boring Saturday afternoon. Coming out when Xmen is on a Down slide or Bust period (Like Enterprise tv show when Star Trek was on an 'Uninteresting, down slide period).

Five kids alone in an institution, ...looked very creepy, eerie, ...great mood, settings, ...etc.

Needed more HORROR. A little girl is changing into a wolf, ...slow down the transformation, the body breaking, warping, ...American Werewolf in London, Cronenburg's the Fly, ...body warping, changing, ...THAT'S SCARY. Didn't do that in the movie.

I say, Good, go see it, ...don't expect big things,'s just a small, spooky movie with some super hero action scenes. I say it's better than Dark Phoenix. Great to see that someone is shaking up the super hero genre.

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Stu The Disgruntled Greek


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I like that they focus on Dani\Mirage for the beginning of the movie. The mystery surrounding her powers is a good start for the film. I thought Rahne\Wolfsbane and her were going to be the 2 main focal points of the film.

Then they make Ilyana\Magik important and get in on Sam\Cannonball along with Roberto\Sunspot. In the end, I think they made a poor choice in making this a team story as the mystery and romance between Dani and Rahne was good enough.

Anna Taylor Joy as Ilyana\Magik really does steal the scenes she is in as the bad girl of the team. Having her be an enemy turned ally would've been a good turn for the film. I love the way they include the Dragon Lockheed in this movie as he is a good sidekick to crazy of Ilyana.

In the end all the talk of X-Men is fun but knowing the future of the franchise along with the troubles this film had to get to the big screen really throw a damper on the hardcore fan getting too invested in the film as a standalone.

Give it alook.

The Disgruntled Greek

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Now apologies to any New Mutant fans in the house ... but other than Magick, I've never particularly cared for any of the characters in the movie.

The good news is that I very much enjoyed her scenes, so that was a plus.

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