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Iron Man Unit 007

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I dunno, I think Chris Hemsworth might be better suited....then again given how lousy the first movie was I'd probably shy away from being in this one if I were him

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Someone Thor like certainly makes sense but I don't believe going with the guy who actually played Thor is the way to go.

I think the actor who plays Bjorn on Vikings would make a great Thor, but he was too young back in 2010. He'd be perfect now for He-man.

Alexander Ludwing.

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Iron Man Unit 007

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Could work but if I were in Hollywood and knew of the previous movie and how it bombed and helped kill the toyline for awhile, I'd probably give it a pass.

Go watch the toys that made us episode about masters of The universe and see the reactions when the movie was brought up.

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Marvel and DC have both had embarrassing misfires that didn't keep them from trying again with better results. Most people thought Stallone's Dredd was terrible but that didn't stop Urban from signing on to the reboot.

If you have a good story, and if you trust the source material and don't ditch it like the Cannon film did (which was probably for budgetary reasons) then you can possibly make a good He-Man movie and sign some decent stars. If I were them, I would insist on a solid script before signing.

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